Board of Directors Breakdown

SAITSA’s new Board of Directors (BOD) has set their goals for this school year, along with the actions needed to reach them.

The latest BOD meeting took place on Monday, Oct. 23, ushering in a new era for SAITSA.


VP External Rachel Moershfelder shared the success SAITSA had in encouraging students to vote in the municipal election, including the student association hosting a candidate’s night. The VP External said that SAITSA is continuing to work with ASEC in an effort to clean up the student lobby group. If negotiations fail, SAITSA will continue to pursue creating a separate lobby group with the NAIT Student Union.

VP Student Life, Connor Goodfellow, raised concerns that not enough clubs were able to attend the SAITSA club’s orientation. Goodfellow said that SAITSA is looking at creating an online orientation in an effort to improve the SAITSA club usable experience. Goodfellow is currently unsure on how to develop an online club orientation. The VP student Life is also looking at ways to increase the accessibility of the SAITSA grant programming for students.

SAITSA has been working with the SAIT Board of Governors and the approved transportation device policies and procedures. Hover boards will no longer be allowed on Campus.

One Seat Short

All 14 students who ran in the SAITSA BOD election were elected to the board, however the group is still one member short of a full board. It was moved by Alysson Torres-Gillett to keep the director seat empty, because by doing so the board will save more than $2,000. The board discussed adding a specific person to the role, but the BOD has opted to keep the seat empty for the time being.

Marketing Strategy

SAITSA has opted to no longer pursue a specific marketing strategy and is instead looking to review and create one all encompassing strategy for the student association. Blair McCormick, executive director of SAITSA, presented the SAITSA strategy on behalf of President Alex Dimopoulos, who was not at the meeting. The BOD is aiming to have a streamline strategy established by April 2018.

New Chair and Vice Chair

A new chair and vice chair was elected to help govern the board. Returning board member Joshua Bettle was elected chair of the BOD, and Jesse Corbel was elected vice chair.

The chair and vice chair will work in tandem helping transitions between boards, prepare agendas for meetings, maintaining governance, planning the BOD team-building retreat and aiding in helping with bylaws and policies. The two have separate, but equal job responsibilities. The chairs are required to sit on the Finance and/or Governance Committees.

The BOD has tabled an official job description and expectation for the chair and vice chair. The description will be designed by the Governance Committee to be presented to the BOD in December.

Professional Development

Professional development was of key concern during the meeting. It offers members the chance to focus on the personal goals they wish to achieve through their experience with the BOD. These intentions will be emailed to the chair and vice chair so they can access them directly and work on a plan of action. The goal of professional development is to give student members the chance to better themselves through training in areas such as Robert’s Rules of Order.

Members raised concerns about interactions with the media, and it was suggested that members could potentially receive more training in regards to interview and social media use. Torres-Gillett established that only the chair of the BOD and the SAITSA Executive Council should be speaking with media. 

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