Trojans Women’s Soccer shoots for first

After playing seven of 10 regular season games, SAIT’s women’s soccer team is sitting first in the South division, with six wins and only one loss.

“I think this is our best season yet,” said Mataya Blakney, who is currently playing her second season with the Trojans.

The team is solid, they have players who can come off the bench and make a difference and their goal scoring is at 100 per cent, said Blakney

“I’m really proud of my team, we’ve come so far, especially since the beginning of last season

“I think we are setting a standard for SAIT soccer.”

Head coach John Talerico said the teams goal going into this season is to make it into provincials, and to get into the medal contention.

“I would call [the season] excellent,” he said.

With the changes, veteran players graduating and rookies coming in, from last season, Talerico said it might be a little difficult, but that he has had some nice surprises.

Talerico said he knew that his team would be in the top three, but he didn’t know they would be on top.

“It’s a pleasant surprise,” he said.

The combination of returning players, and so many rookies might surprise some people, said Talerico.

Blakney describes the group of rookies as amazing.

“I probably couldn’t ask for more from the rookies.”

The rookies stepped up, took the lead and meshed into the program the best they possibly could, said Blakney.

“The interaction with them and the more senior players has been fantastic,” said Talerico.

The rookies have qualities of speed, that they’ve got the touch and they have good listening capabilities.

“It’s been really good with them,” Talerico said.

The next couple of games will determine the final order of the standings. Talerico said that the game against the Olds College Broncos, on Saturday, Oct. 14, and the game against the Medicine Hat College Rattlers, on Sunday, Oct. 22, will determine who ends up in first place. The game against The Rattlers will be the teams final regular season home game.

Overall the team’s season has been excellent.

The intensity is high, everyone is working hard and working towards the same goal, said Blakney.

“I’m really proud of my team, we’ve come so far, especially since the beginning of last season.”

“I just can’t wait to see what we can do.”

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