The Gateway turns 16

The Gateway's 16th anniversary at the Gateway on SAIT Campus in Calgary on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017. (Photo by Quin Hauck/SAIT)

The Gateway’s 16th anniversary at the Gateway on SAIT Campus in Calgary on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017. (Photo by Quin Hauck/SAIT)

The Gateway turned 16 years old in its current iteration with a party on Wednesday, Sept. 27 celebrating its place in both the hearts of SAIT students and modern day Canadian music.

July Talk, Arkells, Sticky Fingers, Illy, Anti-Flag, Shred Kelly, X- Ambassadors, The Darcys, Paper Lions, The Strumbellas and Calgary’s very own The Dudes have all graced The Gateway’s stage in recent years, and there are definite reasons as to why bands on the come-up keep playing at The Gate.

“They get good acts for that reason,” said Andrew Shier, singer and guitarist for reoccurring Gateway guests, Ten Minute Detour, who played at The Gateway’s birthday party.

“The sound is just that next level up from playing a bar, the sound’s good on-stage as well as off-stage.”

Shier said that good sound isn’t only beneficial for the performer, but for the audience as well. A venue built for live music with good sound lets audiences hear the music clearly and not just a wall of noise.

Besides the great acoustics of The Gateway, Shier said The Gateway is unique in that people go there to see shows and to be captured by the music.

Speaking from experience, having gone on a few tours hopping from one campus bar to the next in Western Canada, Shier said that oftentimes concerts coincide with students drinking nights at other venues.

“People seem to pay attention more [at The Gateway], whereas you go to other bars and people are already wasted, screaming over the music,” said Shier.

“I think it’s [The Gateway] like a youth movement. A lot of university bars you go to, it’s hard in today’s day and age to get the attention of students, they don’t go to shows for the music all the time, so it’s tough to capture them, to capture the audience.”

Shier said that Ten Minute Detour’s first single off of their sophomore record will come out sometime in October, and a release for the full sophomore record is planned for some time in the spring of 2018.

To stay updated with all newly announced shows at The Gateway, the venue’s Facebook page is updated right as bookings occur, dates can be found on the back-page of every edition of The Weal and posters for all gigs can be seen on the bulletin boards in all buildings around campus.

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