Puppies, breakfast and tea, oh my!

From petting puppies to flipping pancakes, SAITSA has a selection of events set to help students make it through the week.

Wellness Wednesdays are a collection of events organized by SAITSA to promote mental health for students.

Some of the events include Free Breakfast, Take-a-Break, Free Tea and Pet-a-Puppy. The events are located across campus every Wednesday and are available to all students.

The purpose behind Wellness Wednesdays is to make students aware that their mental and physical health is significant, especially for success in their education, said Connor Goodfellow, VP of Student Life.

“It’s important to schedule time for yourself,” he said.

Wellness Wednesdays events are meant to temporarily distract participants from their busy school life, and are a good way for students to take care and take time for themselves, Goodfellow said.

For example, Free Breakfast promotes healthy eating habits.

“Students are not eating meals, so they’re always appreciative,” said Goodfellow.

Goodfellow said he believes it’s important for students to eat something, especially in the morning, to have energy for the rest of the day. Goodfellow also said that students can quickly become stressed out in post-secondary and that he believes Wellness Wednesday events, such as Take-a-Break and Pet-a-Puppy were created to offer students relaxation.

Pet-a-Puppy embodies classic pet therapy, by bringing in dogs and puppies for students to pet, love and de-stress with.

Kara Hamilton, a student in the environmental technology program, recently attended Pet-a-Puppy.

Hamilton said she found Wellness Wednesdays’ events beneficial to her health and wellness.

“It’s nice to focus on feeling good and to de-stress,” she said.

Kaitlynn Martyna, who went to a Pet-a-Puppy last year while attending SAIT, said that the event did help her de-stress before exams.

“They [the dogs] were happy, and it made me happy,” said Martyna.

Take-a-Break is designed to give students a sense of community. Take-a-Break offers students board games, healthy snacks and a place to hang out with fellow students.

“It [Take-a-Break] reminds people they can be social,” said Goodfellow. The VP student life said that the entertainment from the games helps take students’ minds off school, which can potentially promote good mental health.

First-year library information technology student Nick Brandt, said he hasn’t attended an event yet. He said he thinks the events will be helpful to him around exams, and he would even consider volunteering for Pet-a-Puppy.

“Even if it’s not strictly for mental health, it’s a good place to meet new people,” Brandt said. He said he thinks the Wellness Wednesday events touch on the importance of feeling like a part of a community.

Half the battle is making students aware of their resources, which is the intention of the Wellness and Health Awareness Team, said Goodfellow. He explained how SAITSA plans on engaging students more that way.

“Before I came to post-secondary, I never considered mental health,” said Goodfellow.

Through Wellness Wednesdays, SAITSA has the objective to open up the conversation about mental health. Goodfellow said that if a student’s mental health was poor, they were going to struggle in their education. Goodfellow said that by opening the door to mental health conversations, SAITSA hopes to help students find ways to improve their mental health.

Students can visit for more information on Wellness Wednesday.

“If we can just start with Wednesdays, it’s still a start,” he said.

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