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Photo courtesy of Windigo Photo by Unfolding Creative Photography

Photo courtesy of Windigo
Photo by Unfolding Creative Photography

Calgary band Windigo is coming back to The Gateway with a party to celebrate the release of their EP. Magic alongside fellow indie bands 36?, The Ashley Hundred and Ivory Hours.

The band is, “very excited [to be] coming back to The Gateway,” said Anthony Kameka, lead singer and guitarist for Windigo.

“We’ve been playing at The Gate since 2009.

“They support local bands a lot and they’re very great to work with,” Said Kameka.

Windigo is releasing their new EP with the help of the X92.9 Calgary’s Alternative Xposure Show. Kameka said they’ve helped Windigo since the very beginning.

 Matt Berry, the host of Xposure, finds the time to promote local bands and to help them gain more commercial success.

Kameka said X92.9 is the only commercial radio station who is doing this for the local bands in Calgary.

“We are grateful for it.”

The new four-track EP, “sounds like something different,” said Kameka, adding that the band is mixing elements of R&B, soul and psych-rock to the mix.

“It’s going to be a crazy great bill.

“We’re four great bands with a lot of energy to play,” said Kameka.

The Ashley Hundred has a folkadelic sound; Windigo considers them a brother-band, and they’ve played more than 40 shows together.

Alongside them is indie-art rock band 36?. Whom, along with, Ivory Hours are both based out of Toronto, Ont. According to Kameka, “they bring a lot of excitement to the crowd when they perform.”

With their new music, Windigo acquired new members. This EP release party will be the first time they’ll release new music with the new lineup, which makes Windigo really excited, said Kameka.

Kameka said that on the day of the show, he promises that Windigo will only bring their A-game, rocking out for the enjoyment of everyone.

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