BOD election results are in


 (Photo by Katerina Masyk/SAIT)

(Photo by Katerina Masyk/SAIT)

The SAITSA Board of Directors (BOD) is ushering in the fall with the election of 14 new representatives, ready to speak for SAIT students’ interests.

“It’s pretty cool, I’m pretty excited to learn more and hopefully make some changes for the better,” said new BOD member Carol Poole.

Poole will be sitting on the 2017/2018 BOD with fellow members Jess Beddow, Joshua Bettle, Kaylee Beyene, Matthew Busby, Daniel Caine, Ninar Chaachouh, Jesse Corbel, Hunter Mills, Ryan Morstad, Ha Nguyen, Donny Nichols, Akhil Sharma and Desiree Venne.

“I hope to make some change for the better, in general, and represent the apprentices,” said Poole.

The elections were held over two days from Wednesday, Oct. 4 to Thursday, Oct. 5. The results were announced on Thursday at The Gateway.

“Each election has its own unique challenges and rewards, this election was no different, but overall I’d say the election went great,” said Rachel Paris, SAITSA governance and advocacy manager.

The elections did experience a technical glitch, with some students being left unable to vote until Thursday.

“Despite extensive testing and preparation, unfortunately the vendor through which voting is conducted experienced some technical difficulties and was not able to perform as anticipated,” said Paris.

The ballots offered students the chance to give their feedback to SAITSA in regards to the election process. SAITSA is waiting for a review of these comments to plan and improve the next set of SAITSA elections.

The votes were down this year with a total of 5.68 per cent of the student body voting. 2016 saw 7.84 per cent of the SAIT student body vote.

Students were able to vote in person at polling stations spread across campus, or through an electronic vote through their SAIT email. The vote was a pass/fail due to 14 people running for 15 seats. All 14 students were voted into the BOD by the SAIT student body.

“SAITSA works hard to promote our elections and to encourage students to get involved in their students’ association,” said Paris.

Students were encouraged to run in this year’s election by promoting the SAITSA community and the idea they they could “leave it better than you found it.”

“It feels good; it’s nice to have continuity. The first year is a lot of training and learning,” said re-elected BOD member Jess Beddow. “Last term has showed me a lot, so hopefully I can take what I’ve learned and move forward with it.” 

The BOD help to guide the strategic vision of the student union. They oversee SAITSA’s annual budget, bylaws, sit on committees and create goals for the organization.

“I hope I can share what I’ve learned with the new board members and hope that we carry on with the positive stuff. There’s a lot of new stuff coming,” said Beddow.

The BOD meets on a monthly basis, the next meeting date is to be determined.

If students have feedback or comments about the election they can email

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