Aussies rule the field

SAIT is turning Australian on Saturday, Oct. 14 kicking off the first intramural Aussie rules football tournament at 9 a.m. at SAIT Cohos Commons Field. 

“The Aussie rules tournament is open to everyone, mostly towards SAIT students, but it is open to the public,” said Jared Hidber, Recreation Programmer of Athletics and Recreation at SAIT. 

Aussie rules football is a contact sport played on an oval shaped field. The objective of the game is to try to kick the ball between two goal posts. 

You can use any part of your body to move the ball, but the main ways are kicking, running with the ball and ball handling. 

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins, but it can also result in a draw if the score is tied. 

There will be a small clinic at the beginning to explain the rules and how to play, and then they will ease into a friendly tournament style match. 

SAIT is hoping to have at least four or five teams to effectively put on this tournament. The tournament will start off in a round-robin style with playoffs at the end. The number of games played will depend on how many teams register. 

SAIT has partnered with the Calgary Kangaroos Australian Football Club, who will attend the tournament and the clinic, as well as supply the balls and the goal posts for everyone to use. 

According to, the Calgary Kangaroos started playing in 2002 and have been expanding the sport in Alberta ever since. 

They play locally against teams based in Red Deer, Edmonton and Bow Valley. 

They also helped create the Calgary Kookaburras, which is the women’s Aussie rules football club, Edmonton Aussie Football Club and the Bow Valley Bison. 

Australian football officially was organized in Melbourne, Australia in 1859, but did not come to Canada until 1989. 

“I’ve been following the Calgary Kangaroos for a while and seeing the popularity from their side and also looking at something different, fun, cool, and something to learn for SAIT students this is the sport that came out,” said Hidber. 

Whether you are an experienced player or just want to learn a new sport, you can sign up on any time before Oct. 13 at noon.

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