Join the club and Adopt-a-Trojan

SAIT’S Trojans athletes work hard throughout the year to stay competitive and to make sure their respective teams stay successful.

They also work hard fundraising money for the extra costs that SAIT and the provincial government don’t cover, like travel for exhibition games.

While the teams host different events and sell food, there are a couple of other ways the community can help the Trojans, through, Adopt-A-Trojan and Club Red.

Adopt-A-Trojan is a program that allows a person to donate money either to a team, or an athlete of their choice, and get a tax-receipt in return.

“Adopt-a-Trojan would be perfect for the person who just wants the easy transaction,” said Busby.

Whereas Club Red is a way for parents, friends and general sports fans to donate either $150, $250 or $500 and receive a Club Red Membership.

Depending on how much they donate, Club Red members receive season passes, exclusive access to a Trojans video series and more.

“It’s kind of more fan-based for those that will be in the stands, and they get an extra benefit out of it,” said Busby.

The funds from Adopt-a-Trojan and Club Red go directly to the teams, who then decide what happens to the money.

“Each team is a little bit different, it depends on what their goal as a coach or as a team is. Some teams have higher expenses in different areas, some teams have longer seasons, so really, our athletics department works with each of the coaches and supports them on figuring out what their fundraising goals are.”

The women’s volleyball team, for example, allocates a lot of money to pay for their exhibition games.

Without the fundraised money, the athletes would be paying for expenses out for their own pocket, costs that can be upward of $3000.

Women’s volleyball head coach Art O’Dwyer said that without the support from the community, “a fairly large per cent of our players wouldn’t be able to play.”

Exhibition games are important to a team, because they allow the players to get to know themselves as a team, and it gives some of the players who don’t play throughout the regular season a chance to play.

“It also allows us to be competitive,” said O’Dwyer.

“If we don’t play any exhibitions, how are we going to get ready as a team?”

Last season, O’Dwyer had a younger player who didn’t play any games in the regular-season and was only able to play in the exhibition games.

According to O’Dwyer, without those games, this player still wouldn’t be ready to play in regular season games this upcoming season.

Busby said that Adopt-A-Trojan and Club Red would interest people because they know that the money is going to the team accounts and not to a big fund people don’t know about.

“This is a way to directly support the student athletes and we know that SAIT Trojans athletes put on a really great show. They compete really hard, and for anybody who is a fan out there, their money is going to great use.”

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