iPhone, X-plain yourself

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but the repo man may just come a-knockin’.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, recently announced the newest generation of iPhone called the iPhone X, appropriately named in response to the phone’s tenth year in the electronic market, and it’s certainly not worth the price tag.

The jaws of potential consumers’ hit the floor when it was advertised at “just” $999 U.S. Up here in Canada, we can expect to pay $1319 to get our hands on the X.

“I’ll probably just stick with my [iPhone] 5,” said Carly Ranger, a library information technology student at SAIT.

When it comes to iPhones, Ranger said she tends to stay a couple generations behind, because it’s the only way she can afford to stay in the smartphone game.

“Newer iPhones don’t seem to do much more than the older ones, so I don’t think I’m missing anything,” said Ranger.

Apple tried to justify the price with the phone’s new specs, but had a hard time convincing anybody, when it’s nothing any of us hasn’t seen before.

For instance, a facial recognition passcode is nothing new. Apple claims their passcode system is more advanced as it’s on a 3-D scale, which can more precisely map an individual’s face, where other phones could be tricked by using photos, however, fingerprint scanning, which they have gotten rid of, was more fool proof and convenient as one didn’t have to stare awkwardly at their phone in order to make a purchase at their local pharmacy. If fingerprints are good enough for detectives, they’re good enough for Apple.

Perhaps if the iPhone could physically test our DNA could one think that the cost is justified?

“iPhone has some fancy new screen display, but I’m not sure how revolutionary that is anymore,” said Alexander Gorodetski, a computer science graduate from the University of Calgary, and an avid android user.

Gorodetski said he’d be more likely to look into an iPhone if their interface was more flexible.

“It’s too locked down,” said Gorodetski.

“I like android because it’s easy for me to install something that is not in their [Apple’s] marketplace. I have a bunch of useful tools that I wouldn’t be able to install on an iPhone.”

Besides the usual improvements expected from a new generation of phone, (better camera, longer battery-life and bigger screen,) Apple is also improving their Emoji selection buy featuring “Animojis,” which essentially use the 3-D image tracked of your face to make regular Emojis come to life mirroring your expressions, according to apple.com, and “reveal your inner panda, pig or robot.”

Creepy-factor aside, consumers still aren’t seeing anything mind blowing coming from Apple, but it’s easy to bet that Apple junkies will still be seen camping outside store’s waiting for “geniuses” to unlock the doors and herd them like cattle … or sheep.












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