When universes collide

A couple prepares to select a movie or television show for a night of entertainment. This kind of entertainment is easy to access and provides numerous options but can movies be successfully adapted into television shows? (Photo by Rebecca Hardcastle)

A couple prepares to select a movie for a night of entertainment. ? (Photo by Rebecca Hardcastle)

The struggle of translating television shows into movies 

Discussions have been held for years debating the fact that movies made from books are never as good, but no one seems to mention just how bad movies made from TV shows can be as well. 

For years Hollywood has tried to make successful TV shows into successful movies and they have been met with mixed results at best. 

The 2017 Baywatch movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Zack Effron serves as an example of one of those movies. 

Baywatch was a high rated TV show in the 90s that lasted 11 seasons and even had its own spin-off. 

With expectations that Baywatch would be a summer blockbuster hit, the movie was met with muddled reviews and indifferences from audiences. 

The movie failed to capture the television audience in movie form. 

Not even a cameo from original television cast member David Hasselhoff himself could save this movie. 

The show that made its name as a drama of the 90’s, was turned into a campy comedy that did not resonate well with the loyal fan base. 

The jokes were forced and it seemed like they were trying too hard to be funny. 

Going back a few years to 2005 we can take a look at the movie version of The Dukes of Hazzard

To this day the TV show continues to maintain a massive fan base 

The original cast had remarkable chemistry, the writing was funny and perfect for the late 70’s and early 80’s. 

The movie however failed at all successful aspects of the series. 

Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville lack the connection, John Schneider and Tom Wopat showed on the small screen. 

Jessica Simpson failed to have the same sweetness as the original Daisy Duke played by Catherine Bach. She relied too much on being sexy when there was so much more to Daisy than just skimpy clothes. She was extremely smart and was a great problem solver for the Duke boys. 

Other examples of this are The Last Airbender, Charlie’s Angels, and G.I Joe. All of them failed to really connect with audiences on the big screen. 

With so many movies failing to meet their TV show predecessors it raises one question: what is Hollywood doing wrong that makes these television shows turned movies fail? 

Beth Nichol, a first-year dental assisting student, said, “It depends on the amount of seasons in a show. If there are a lot of seasons it can be hard to compact that into one movie.” 

This can be a major factor as it starts to feel like you lose a lot of the story. 

Kira Ursulan, an Environmental Technology student said, “Writers need to focus the movies onto an audience that is not as invested in the show. That way the movie expectations won’t be as high.” 

The question now remains as to what Hollywood can do better to make these films a success. 

“Hollywood needs to rethink plans of using popular TV shows for movies. It ends up being too rushed and can be harder to pick up the pieces of what was truly going on,” said Michelle Schneider, a Bachelor of Business Administration student. 

The solution is simple; if Hollywood directors and writers want a previous TV show to succeed, they need to either make more than one movie, or just find people who can deliver the same acting and chemistry that the TV show had. At the end of the day, that is what draws people in. 



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