Fandoms unite

Set your phasers for fun and blast off to Edmonton for the city’s Comic and Entertainment Expo. 

“The big thing is that it’s always such a creative process and we’re always looking to do new, exciting and different things,” said Lindsay Thomas, Emily Expo, spokesperson for Edmonton Expo. 

The Expo will be featuring more than 120 hours of special events for an epic weekend taking place from Friday, Sept. 22 to Sunday, Sept. 24. Fans who hit the grounds early will be able to pick up their wristbands for the Edmonton Expo starting on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 4:00P.M. 

“The biggest thing this year is that for the most part a lot of [the guests] are really, really new,” said Thomas. 

This year the Edmonton Expo is featuring stars from an array of movie and television cinematic universes including Alex Kingston of ER, Arrow and Doctor Who, Rose McIver of iZombie, The Lovely Bones and Once Upon a Time, Anthony Mackie of Captain America and Avengers, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin of Stranger Things, Gene Simmons of the band Kiss, William Shatner of Star Trek, Charlie Cox of Daredevil, Stardust and Downtown Abbey and John Rhys-Davies of Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and The Shannara Chronicles

“On a personal level having Eugene Brave Rock at our show, that was exciting. I’m just so happy that he’s coming, he’s Albertan and such an amazing talent,” said Thomas, expressing delight at the Wonder Woman star’s appearance. 

Special Q&A’s will be running through out the weekend giving fans the opportunity to ask their favourite celebrities, artists and cosplayers the questions they’ve always wanted to know. 

Creator guests this year include artists involved with the Avengers, Transformers, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Captain America and The Flash

Thomas has three key inventory items to add to the arsenal and level up. She said the best way to make the most of the Expo experience is to drink lots of water, dress comfy and to keep an open mind. 

“If you come with an open mind you’ll discover things that will get you excited, that you didn’t realize would get you excited. It’s just really great for diving into new things,” said Thomas. 

Thomas said planning the Expo takes time and creativity. Planning the guest schedules can be similar to, “herding cats,” due to the guest’s hectic schedules. 

Even if a panel is cancelled, there’s always an exciting event-taking place at the convention and one of the important tools for the convention-going experience is the Edmonton Expo app. 

The app lets guests stay up to date on the latest events and panels taking place, proving invaluable for having a fun, jam-packed weekend. 

For geeks looking for their gaming fix, the Edmonton Expo will be featuring an extensive variety of games for newcomers and veterans-of-gaming alike, including a classic arcade, computer games, console games and a collection of tabletop games. 

For guests looking to embrace their crafty side, the Edmonton Expo will be featuring their annual cosplay contest on Saturday, Sept. 23 at 4:00P.M. 

The Expo is also featuring an exclusive Gene Simmons Band concert on Saturday, Sept. 23 at 8:00 P.M. Ticket prices range from $49 to $196. 

“We’re always trying to nail down what it is that the fans want to see. We just sort of keep the ear to the ground to be aware of those things,” said Thomas. 

The Edmonton Expo is constantly striving to enhance the show with new announcements, guests and events to excite fans, said Thomas. 

“I love experiencing those moments that make people excited, people getting excited by a certain cosplay because that resonates with them. 

“A lot of joy comes from that,” said Thomas. 

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