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RiFF RAFF plays Calgary April 19



For the city wide music and art festivals happening in Calgary this summer, iconic rapper and Internet persona RiFF RAFF says that there’s only one way to go about them.

“There needs to be a certain level of carefree-ness,” said RiFF RAFF.

He said for the likes of Sled Island, Calgary Folk Festival, and the Calgary Stampede to not bring your problems to the events.

“That’s definitely key, you have to be ready to have fun when you go out,” said RiFF RAFF.

After releasing his sophomore album Peach Panther in October 2016 the self-dubbed “white Martin Lawrence” released a mixtape entitled Aquaberry Aquarius in January 2017.

He is making a stop at the MUSIC nightclub downtown on April 19 as a part of his Aquaberry Aquarius tour, which is a part of a greater world tour for 2017.

In regards to what his shows are like, RiFF RAFF said it’s all a party.

“You come to a RiFF RAFF show with your friends for one purpose only, and that is to get drunk [and listen] to a lot of loud music.,” said RiFF RAFF.

He added that if you want to go to an Adele concert, that’s one thing, but if you go to a RiFF RAFF concert “it’s more like a house party-style-EDM-Rap situation.”

RiFF RAFF has a workflow that churns out mixtapes and albums at the speed of a neon blue automatic rifle. In addition to almost non-stop releases, RiFF RAFF usually follows each release with a tour.

“I do so many shows man, it’s hard to remember.”

RiFF RAFF said he’s currently working on four music projects all at the same time in his “bat cave” home recording studio in Las Vegas, Nev.

For his mixtapes following his recently released Aquaberry Aquarius, RiFF RAFF said he’ll be returning to the style of recording that he used to record with, around the time of his first release, Never Ending Saturday from 2009.

“I get drunk, and whenever I get drunk I just record.

“I just do it and that’s how I have fun,” said RiFF RAFF.

He said with Aquaberry Aquarius and both of his studio albums Neon icon and Peach Panther that he was recording with a variety of different songwriters in professional studios.

He just wanted to go back to the style of making music that he loved and was already comfortable with.

“Right now I’m just having fun,” said RiFF RAFF.

RiFF RAFF said he could see himself recording a country album one day, in addition to his four current music projects, but in a more professional setting

His 2014 hit single “TiP TOE WiNG iN MY JAWWDiNZ” will be followed up by a sequel and according to him, he’s trying to get “everyone” featured on the song.

By everyone, RiFF RAFF means the likes of fellow Internet persona lil Yachty penned down, but he doesn’t want to list everyone that will be featured in the song.

He clarified that he’s not sure which album the song will be featured in, but that it might be on a future release named the The Alcoholic Alligator.

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