A map of Canada’s national parks

Students looking to travel and still save money this summer might consider visiting one of Canada’s national parks.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Parks Canada is offering free passes to every national park all year long.

Not only is this incentive to go out and see our country’s natural beauty, it’s a good opportunity for students to have a summer full of adventure, while still saving money.

Of course, there are expenses required of any trip, but seeing Canada’s national parks don’t have to break the bank.

It might feel like a bit of a drag, but if you choose to make and bring your own food, rather than eating out, you will save an astounding amount of money.

Another way to save money while traveling across Canada is to look at bus options like Greyhound and Red Arrow, which are usually much cheaper than driving on your own or catching a plane.

Something else that could prove beneficial to your travels is the use of paper maps. Google Maps is great, but the last thing you want is to be lost and unable to find your way because your phone’s battery died.

Check out the map to the right, and have a great summer!

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