Trailer Park Boys coming to The Gateway

Randy and Lahey online colourRandy and Mr. Lahey are coming back to The Gateway on May 5, to grab Calgary by the scruff with two hours full of liquor, hijinks and greasiness.

The dynamic duo that are the characters Jim Lahey and Randy Bobandy from the award-winning Canadian cult comedy series Trailer Park Boys, have sold out The Gateway every year for the last eight years.

People travel from far and wide across Alberta for an evening with Jim Lahey and his right hand man Randy Bobandy.

“It’s just us, call it what you’d like,” said John Dunsworth, the actor who plays trailer park supervisor and ex-day-drunk cop Jim Lahey.

Lahey is accompanied in Trailer Park Boys and on stage with his tight-white-pants-clad and shirtless accomplice Randy Bobandy, an assistant trailer park supervisor with a fabric allergy from the waist up, rendering him unable to wear a shirt.

In regards to SAIT and The Gateway, Dunsworth said that SAIT is “like a home” to him and Patrick Roach, the actor that plays Randy Bobandy in the series.

“People are always really friendly there,” said Dunsworth.

In 2009, they did a Campus Safewalk with SAIT students while in character, and later that night performed at The Gateway. Dunsworth was able to acquire a joint from an audience member for what Dunsworth called the “plastic bag and a joint” joke involving a bag that kept smoke from triggering smoke alarms, while still being able to interact with the audience.

Bobandy is a fan of cheeseburgers which gives him his protruding belly, a key aspect to his character.

“I find that fans in the States are more polite than those in Canada,” said Dunsworth, because fans in The United States will at least ask Roach permission to slap his belly. Dunsworth also said that feeling the set of jokes is the least of their worries, and getting a good feeling of the audience is more important.

“Sometimes we yell, sometimes we have them by the scruff.”

Although Dunsworth plays a world-class drunk in several series and movies, including the show Haven based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, where Dunsworth plays a constantly hammered editor-in-chief at a newspaper. He has no idea where his ability to play a drunk comes from. He never knew a “Mr. Lahey” growing up in Halifax.

Dunsworth said he seldom drinks, but usually steals the first sip of somebody’s beer if out with friends and family.

“I just don’t like the taste of it,” said Dunsworth.

Dunsworth has appeared in more than 50 stage plays and opened both a casting agency and a theatre in Halifax. He’s also authored the Dicshitonairy, a book that he wrote full of “Lahey-isms” with the purpose to make “shit a bestseller.” Dunsworth said that his book has sold more than 100,000 copies.

If he wasn’t acting, Dunsworth said that he’d be doing something with his hands. He has built walkways and sculptures on his property in Nova Scotia.

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