SAITSA Board of Directors under review

The SAITSA Board of Directors (BOD) is currently working with the Watson Governance Review to ensure the board is running to the best of its ability.

The governance review is taken approximately every 10 years and is commonly employed by organizations to help ensure their goals are successful.

Currently three visions guide the SAITSA BOD.

These goals are the expansion of student space, the maintenance of student voices and the board’s operational sustainability.

As of now the strategic plan has been extended to 2019, to ensure all implemented goals can be reached. These goals could potentially change based on the review.

The review will address all of SAITSA governing documents and practices. This will include reviewing the student union election process, bylaws, training and transition practices, the SAITSA mission/vision, strategic plans, and the roles/responsibilities of union directors, executives and staff.

Watson Advisors will be aiding SAITSA in reviewing these processes, documents and surveying staff.

After going over these items, Watson Advisors will present the BOD with suggestions on what they can do to ensure that their governance practices are at the peak of effectiveness for SAIT students and SAITSA as an organization.

There is also the possibility that the review may offer no suggestions.

The governance review takes a long time to complete, and any recommendations that could potentially be made can range from short to long-term priority planning.

If changes are suggested some will be simple to implement, while others may take years to put in place.

SAITSA is currently waiting for the survey to be completed. The next meeting will be in the Ambrosia room (V226) on April 10, at 6 p.m.

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