Journalism prevalent career in comic books

Comic creators love reporters for truth-seeking superheroes

Super Reporter online colourSince the Golden age of comic books, writers have drawn on the incorruptible journalist as their hero to get to the bottom of the truth.

There is a parallel between journalism and the fictional world of comic books.

“With the power of the pen comes [great] responsibility too,” said Wyatt Tremblay, a journalist and illustrator.

From an early age, Tremblay was writing and illustrating his own comic books for friends and family.

Some of his occupations include political cartoonist for the Yukon News, illustrator for The Weal and writer for Airdrie Life Magazine where he interprets human interest through drawing.

He points out how Clark Kent, Superman, and Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s, portrayals as journalists might be seen as romantic. Their jobs can be seen as unethical because of how they could boost their own publicity through staged photos and inside scoops.

Parker took the majority of his photos surrounding Spider-Man to promote his superhero reputation. While Kent would write and take photos covering his real identity as Superman.

“The creators chose journalism because journalism is like a super power -— it can be a shortcut to affecting change,” said Tremblay.

“The creators of these characters made them journalists because the job is similar to being a superhero. They are powerful, magical and they gave them the power to affect change immediately,” Tremblay said.

“If I had super powers I would want to save the world but it is highly unlikely for that to happen,” said Skylar Kokol, a first-year radio, television and broadcasting news student and an avid comic book reader whose comic book collection amounts to over 1,500 and counting.

There are key characters in comics that never donned a spandex suit or a mask, such as the fuming J. Jonah Jameson, editor-in-chief at The Daily Bugle in the Spider-Man series. Although Jameson wanted to paint Spider-Man in a bad light, he sent Parker on assignments to photograph the latest villains in New York City to inform the public through his platform.

Comic Book Reporters

  • Lois Lane – DC Comics – Journalist
  • Clark Kent – DC Comics – Journalist
  • Cat Grant – DC Comics – Journalist
  • Vicki Vale – DC Comics – Journalist
  • Iris West Allen – DC Comics – Journalist
  • Kat Farrell – Marvel Comics – Journalist
  • Eddie Brock – Marvel Comics – Journalist
  • Sally Floyd – Marvel Comics – Journalist
  • TinTin – Casterman – Journalist
  • Jane Arden – syndicated character – Journalist
  • Ben Urich – Marvel Comics – Investigative Journalist
  • Spider Jerusalem – Vertigo Comics – Gonzo Journalist
  • Peter Parker – Marvel Comics – Photojournalist
  • Jimmy Olsen – DC Comics – Photojournalist
  • Matty Roth – Vertigo Comics – Photojournalist
  • J. Jonah Jameson – Marvel Comics – Editor in Chie
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