Results: Candidates celebrate win

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Photo by Madison Casavant 2017/2018’s Executive Council members celebrate victory on Thursday, March 30, 2017. New SAITSA President, Alex Dimopoulos; VP External, Rachel Moerschfelder; VP Academic, Alyson Torres-Gillett; VP Student Life, Connor Goodfellow.

Say hello to your new executive council.

The executive council represents students and oversees quality of life on campus.

President, Alex Dimopoulos, speaks on behalf of SAITSA to the media, the SAIT administration and industry leaders.
The president leads the organization in a forward-thinking direction.

“I feel excited. Wow. I’m looking forward to being the President and using the momentum that I already have and hitting the ground running,” said Dimopoulos.

VP Academic, Alyson Torres-Gillett, is responsible for all areas of student-academic concerns and advocacy.

She participates on SAIT’s Academic Council providing insight to SAIT faculty and administration.

“I feel pretty good. I’m excited that I was able to pull it off this year. I’m proud that I re-ran after losing [last year],” said Torres-Gillett.

VP External, Rachel Moerschfelder, advocates the issues that impact students including tuition and financial aid at the municipal, provincial and federal level.

“I feel absolutely amazing. I’m looking forward to making sure students know what the EC is doing next year. Making change and ensuring the student body is informed,” said Moerschfelder.

VP Student Life, Connor Goodfellow, helps develop and maintain student participation in SAITSA events, clubs and campus activities.

“[I feel] good and relieved because it’s stressful. Knowing what I’m doing in the first four months, the summer is a great time to get things done. When you’re starting the position, it’s hard when you don’t know up from down,” said Goodfellow.

This year, the SAITSA election saw its second-highest turnout, since electronic voting was implemented, with 13.5 per cent.

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