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Belle Game opens for Yukon Blonde and is headed to SAIT

Photo by Olivia Jaffe

Photo by Olivia Jaffe

A show that features some of the most hyped up indie-rock and crash-pop coming straight out of the Vancouver music scene is coming to Calgary in April.

Indie-rock band, Yukon Blonde will return to the Gateway on April 1, bringing new band Belle Game on tour with them as their opening act.

“I’m really excited to take them on the road with us,” said Brandon Scott, guitarist and vocalist of Yukon Blonde.

Scott said his band have listened to Belle Game’s records and were blown away by their talent. He said they’re excited to “share the evening with everybody.”

Being the band’s guitarist since Yukon Blonde began in 2009, Scott admits, that he doesn’t. “even know what Indie rock is anymore.” According to him, the band’s sound is more influenced by pop and early rock ‘n’ roll. He also said that the lyrics in their music matter now more than ever as they progress in their career.

Scott’s words to describe the music they produce was that, “it’s everything” to the band and each other.

“We’ve been writing a lot,” said Scott. Yukon Blondes’ new record name and songs list haven’t been released yet, but Scott says it’s still possible they’re going to try new material on the upcoming tour. Scott said that he didn’t want the band to, “over-rehearse it.”

“It’s going to be great, the energy is great to play with,” said Scott.

He said touring is his favourite thing to do and that Calgary is one of his favourite places to play.

Scott joked that one of his first memories playing at the Gateway was seeing big posters that advertised previous gigs hanging on the wall. The guitarist said how great they were. He said he has missed playing at The Gateway and seeing the posters.

Scott said that his band would be mostly playing songs off of their 2015 album On Blonde.

Yukon Blonde and Belle Game also share some tricks to making new music and how their bands come together with ideas.

Lead vocalist of Belle Game Andrea Lo, said on Belle Game’s very first tour, the Gateway was the first stop they hit. They’re excited to be back playing alongside Yukon Blonde, who they’ve worked with before at music festivals.

“We all listen to different music so when we come together as a band it becomes a melting pot of our ideas,” said Lo about Belle Game.

She said that Belle Game is really supportive with exploring different lyrics. Being the main vocalist for Belle Game,  allows her to explore new ideas, which are often emotional for her.

Scott said that Yukon Blonde usually will “workshop it” and “toss ideas around.” However, when it comes to Brandon Scott’s way of making music he said, “I wake up, get a coffee going and start in the little studio I have in my bedroom.”

By lunchtime hopefully, there’s something to share with his band mates.

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