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Album Review: The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit


Dune Rats

The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit

Ratbag Records (2016)

The Dune Rats’ new sophomore album, The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, sounds exactly what one would imagine a scorching Australian sun to sound like. Bright and heavy, but not to the point of excess.

The band hails from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and released their sophomore album on Feb. 3, 2017. They alternatively call themselves Dunies on their web series about their adventures on tours.

With Brett Jansch on the bass, and Danny “Beusaraus” Beusa on guitar and vocals, the listener is sucker-punched into a metaphorical circle pit by sludgy, heavy basslines and rhythm guitar parts within moments into the first song Don’t Talk. These barrages of distorted sound are accompanied by waves of crash cymbals being absolutely pushed to the limits by drummer BC Michaels in the chorus.

This heavy sound is the standard for most Dune Rats songs, accompanied by lots of stretched out choruses and bridges. The band really doesn’t bore us by getting to the chorus. It’s a style of the song writing that suits the band well because of their care-free attitude.

Beausa’s voice sounds as if he just got done smoking a pack of cigarettes after playing Black Flag cover songs at a dingy basement show. This doesn’t take away from his energy though, his voice suits the anthemic and heavy sound of Dune Rats. And Beausa sounds very much invested in every word that he sings, even on songs with more humorous subject matter.

Scott Gree, a humorous song, makes use of some clever play-on-words when Beusa asks “who’s got green?” at a party, and “who’s Scott Green?” at the same party, who apparently owes Beusa some green at said party.

6 Pack is an anthem for people just looking for some good times with a six pack of brews with their friends. This song does dig a little deeper, into the singer’s desire to take out all of his worries of moving out of his parent’s basement, and what will happen to his constantly fighting parents, on that six pack of beer that his brother bought him.

The album ends with the band’s latest single Bullshit which embodies the angst that any youth in the first world would feel, especially in Australia. It’s angst that’s the result of dysfunctional homes, a harsh and polarized political environment and pure boredom.

The bands overall message with their music is clear and summarized in Bullshit. They ask that people take themselves less seriously, to be more honest and to have more fun. The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit is an excellent album for people looking for good music for fun times.

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