Paranormal investigator

Ghost hunters walk among us

Alot of students are involved in extra-curricular activities. But not many students’ extracurriculars involve the paranormal.

Kerriene England is a SAIT journalism student, but in her time outside of school, she works as a ghost hunter with Ghost Hunt Alberta.

“We go to supposedly haunted places and we stay there anywhere from seven hours to two days and try to debunk it,” said England.

England said she and her fellow researchers like to keep an open mind about investigations.

“We don’t like to chalk it up and say this place is definitely haunted,” said England. “We don’t know if it’s actually haunted. We don’t know if ghosts are really real.”

England has had an interest in the paranormal since she was just a child.

She got into the investigations when she was working at the New Age Market.

Ryan Rowson, who is an IT Technician and Paranormal Investigator for Ghost Hunt Alberta, told England about a job opening in the company.  

For England, paranormal investigation requires keeping an open mind.

“It’s a lot easier to be a skeptic,” said England.

“It keeps you less on your toes and less scared.

“[You think] ‘that bang was probably a furnace’, [or] ‘that noise is probably just one of the guests.’”

Fascination with the paranormal is nothing new and lots of people have an interest in it.

“It pushes both logic and imagination to the limit,” said England.

One person who has an interest in it is SAIT broadcasting student Paige Maciborski.

Maciborski said that it’s human nature to be skeptical about things first.

She, however, does believe in ghosts.

“People believe in all sorts of crazy things,” said Maciborski.

“Why are ghosts any different?”

Maciborski likes to keep an open mind about it and “would try anything twice.”

England only asks skeptical people to “try it once.”

“You may be skeptical by the end of it, but you are prime real estate for the paranormal because the paranormal either wants to convince you it’s real or it doesn’t,” said England. 

A skeptic learned the truth to that lesson during one of the Ghost Hunt Alberta’s ìPub Nights.

The guest was antagonizing the ghost England and her comrades believe might be in the James Joyce Pub on Stephen Ave.

The ghost is suspected to be a young woman who was killed in the bathroom by her boyfriend because he thought she was flirting with one of the tellers back when it was a bank, said England.

The bathroom door swung open and England and the other investigators went to explore.

An app that England uses called “Ghost Hunting Ghost Box” picked up the word Joshua, who was the skeptical guest.

“It’s easier to debunk something and keep a skeptical mind than to be a believer.”

If you are interested in paranormal investigation, you can attend one of Ghost Hunt Alberta’s ‘Pub Nights.’ See their Facebook page for more information:

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