A record for the books

100 books to be donated to Children’s Hospital

SAIT has collected 100 books from staff and students in celebration of its centennial and will be donating them to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Karen Graham and Sandra Lee, both academic chairs for the School of Information and Communications Technologies, were the minds behind this book drive.

“The concept was to have 100 books donated by 100 individuals to then donate to the Parent’s Lending Library at the Alberta Children’s Hospital,” Graham said.

“Since we both love to read, we thought it would be great to do a Centennial project that brought together staff and studentsí love of reading and provide a great resource for a worthwhile cause.”

Originally pitched by Lee, the SAIT Centennial 100 Books Project began in January 2016, and donations continued to trickle in until the start of 2017.

“Generally, people donated a new or gently used copy of one of their favourite books,” Graham said.

“We did have some funding available to cover the costs of ordering books for the students who may not have had the funds to purchase the book.”

These books are specifically going to the hospital’s Family and Community Resource Centre where both children and adults will be able to read them.

This is why many of the donations are also for mature readers.

“We received a wide variety of books including fiction, non-fiction, mystery, science fiction, adventure, romance and some children’s books,” Graham said.

Outlander, Charlotte’s Web and A Wrinkle in Time were among the donations.

Each book will include a bookplate, a decorative label pasted into the book, indicating who donated the book and how it was donated in commemoration of SAIT’s 100th anniversary.

Lee and Graham will soon make an appointment to deliver these books to the hospital, concluding this one-time event.

“We certainly feel the drive was a success,” Graham said.

“Parents with sick children spend many hours at the hospital, and we thought we’d love to have people share their favourite books with these families.”

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