A career to remember

Megan Brennan says goodbye to her Trojans family after five years

Megan Brennan poses for a portrait in the Campus Centre gym at SAIT in Calgary on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Brennan is graduating from the radio, television and broadcast program in April, and just finished her fifth and final year playing for the Trojans women's volleyball team. (Photo by Dawn Gibson/SAIT)

Megan Brennan poses for a portrait in the Campus Centre gym at SAIT in Calgary on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Brennan is graduating from the radio, television and broadcast program in April, and just finished her fifth and final year playing for the Trojans women’s volleyball team. (Photo by Dawn Gibson/SAIT)

Megan Brennan has spent her time at SAIT busy with breaking records and cementing her name in the history books.

After a five-year career with the Trojans women’s volleyball team, she’ll now embark on a new journey and write the next chapter in her life. 

Although her time with the Trojans is over, it was an experience that she’ll never forget.

“I’m sad it’s over, but happy it happened,” Brennan said.

“It’s kind of hard to reflect that it’s done and that there’s no more.”

Brennan first came to SAIT spending one year upgrading, then moved on to earn her diploma in journalism and now looks forward to graduating later this spring from broadcasting.

She always envisioned herself taking the two programs in order to get the most out of her post-secondary experience.

“I wanted to come to SAIT because of the small dynamic and the family setting,” Brennan said.

“I wanted to have a more well-rounded education and the two [programs] go hand-in-hand.”

Joining the volleyball team and having the career she has had made her time at SAIT that much more special.

It was in her second-year with the team that Brennan and her teammates realized they could create something special during a down season.

The Trojans were able to upset the Red Deer College Queens, who had come into the game undefeated.

“That was really the tipping point for everyone of ‘wow, this team has the potential to go further,’” Brennan said.

Not only was that the start of the team becoming a force in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) but also Brennan’s fondest moment of being a Trojan.

Since then, Brennan has spent her time with the Trojans breaking records, as she broke the school record of all-time kills and kills in a single season.

The major record she broke was becoming the all-time leader in kills in the entire ACAC. A record that was previously set by Daina Koska back in the early 1990s.

“I didn’t expect to get any of the records that I got. That was just a nice surprise,” Brennan said.

“It shows that my time here meant something and I improved each year.”

The old adage of college years being the fastest times of life has proven to be true for Brennan, as she admits that her whole college experience happened faster than anticipated.

With the balance of school, volleyball and life outside of campus, she was always busy with something that made the time fly by.

“It went by super quick and I wish it didn’t,” Brennan said.

“You think it would be the opposite because we have such a long season.”

One of the many things that Brennan said that she will miss once she leaves campus for the final time, is the tightness of everyone on the team, other teams and the athletics department.

Over the course of the five years, they have become a second family to her, which she will cherish and never forget.

“I’m going to miss the closeness and how the athletes are all together and support each other,” Brennan said.

“With the athletics department being so involved, they go out and promote us and are proud of where we come from.”

Brennan has seen the team grow together, and even though they were not able to win an ACAC medal, she feels nothing but pride in what they have accomplished together.

Each year, the team saw their win total on the regular season rise, earning an 18-6 record this season, and growing and developing together overall.

Being a part of the ups and downs that the crazy world of sports has to offer created special friendships with her teammates that she hopes to carry over going forward.

“Being on the team for that long created a special bond that’ll never go away,” Brennan said.

“I know that I’ll always have this family.”

And, although she has no immediate plans on what to do next, she wants to take things one step at a time as she gets accustomed to no longer being a student athlete.

One thing that is for certain is that she doesn’t plan to step away from the game that she loves.

“I’m not going to stop playing volleyball or stop being around it,” Brennan said. 

With all the years she has spent learning and growing both on and off the court, the biggest thing she’ll take away from being a top athlete is how much it impacted her life.

From being the quiet and reserved girl she was in her first year, to the confident and outgoing girl she is now, she credits her growth to her time being a Trojan. 

“It really helped me learn who I am as a leader and a person,” Brennan said.

“It shaped me into the person I am.”

Kills per season:
2016/17: 285
2016/16: 337
2014/15: 272
2013/14: 234
2012/13: 200

Digs per season:
2016/17: 218
2015/16: 253
2014/15: 216
2013/14: 204
2012/13: 199

Service Aces per season:
2016/17: 33
2015/16: 37
2014/15: 37
2013/14: 16
2012/13: 32

Career Stats:
Kills: 1,328
Digs: 1,090
Service Aces: 155

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