SAIT instrumentation draws international interest

Photo by Victoria Redford

Photo by Victoria Redford

The sixth annual instrumentation games will be hosted at SAIT, and for the first time, the games will see competitors from across the globe.

The games were organized by SAIT instrumentation students who reached out to colleges around the world.

This year, the SAIT Chapter of the International Society of Automation (ISA-SAIT) has attracted worldwide interest with teams from Canada, the United States, Brazil and India. To prevent a home advantage, students will be organized into teams of five, comprised of four visiting students and one SAIT student to simulate a real-world experience.

On March 16 – 18, the teams will be faced with four challenges in the Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre – two on Friday and two on Saturday, which will take about three hours each.

“You get the chance to compete with some of the best students from technical colleges around the globe,” said Craig Mackenzie, second-year instrumentation engineering student at SAIT and president of the ISA-SAIT Student Section club.

A dozen teams will run through a series of technical instrumentation related challenges where they will be marked according to speed, teamwork and expertise over the two-day period.

The challenges are developed by the instrumentation program instructors with the help of students, and are automation and instrumentation related that will showcase the various instrumentation labs at SAIT.

The club president said it’s an opportunity to put their skills to the test under immense pressure while working as a team.

Beginning in September of last year, the club began petitioning for industry sponsorship from roughly 20 supporters including Shell, Spartan Controls, Bitcan Geosciences and ISA Calgary, to name a few.

“It’s a big undertaking,” Mackenzie said, adding that the club organizes the challenges, the accommodation arrangements for visiting teams, sponsorship, grants and crowdfunding. They successfully raised more than $27,000.

As this is the first year the games will have teams participating from outside North America, Mackenzie said it is getting bigger and better. 

“It’s an amazing opportunity to network with students and faculty on an international level.”

Students will have the chance to win medals and, of course, bragging rights.

McMaster University
University of Calgary
University of Alberta
British Columbia Institute of Technology
SASK Polytechnic
Red River College
ISA Sao Paolo Brazil
Bangalore ISA India
Houston ISA Texas
Bellingham Tech Washington
Francis Tuttle College Oklahoma

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