Aroma therapy

Essential oils from Sage in Crossiron Mills in Balzac.  Photo by Aly Khan

Essential oils from Sage in Crossiron Mills in Balzac.
Photo by Aly Khan

Although essential oils are thought to be only used for things like sleep and colds, they might just change the way you smell. 

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences derived from the wild that can aid in both the physical and psychological realm of life. 

Aroma therapist Katie Maedel said that these super potent oils could help anyone with any problem.

“Essential oils are like magic,” said Maedel.

“If you believe they will work, they will,”

Along with their super potency, Maedel said it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. 

While most people know the term “therapeutic grade,” it is actually a marketing term that was made up and isn’t a real means of classification for essential oils, she said. 

Maedel said the main way to find the difference from one oil to the next is to look at the status and determine whether it’s wildly crafted lants left to their own devices and then ethically harvested from the wild, conventionally farmed; sprayed with herbicides or pesticides, or organic. 

“The best ones to get are wildly crafted because they have the least amount of human interaction possible,” said Maedel.

“Conventionally farmed are mainly used in cleaning supplies because they’re less concentrated, making them cheaper to the public.”

How an essential oil works is by using one’s sense of smell. 

When inhaling the oils, they hit the receptors in the nose and travel into the brain and then immediately send signals throughout the body. 

“This is the best way to use them because the receptors in your nose are directly connected to your brain, giving you instant results,” said Maedel. 

Maedel said another way to use essential oils is to dilute them and then apply them to the skin, where they can be released into the blood stream. 

She said doing this is similar to putting on an ointment cream. 

Along with the health benefits essential oils provide, like fighting acne, sleep, colds, burns, fevers and allergies, Maedel said that essential oils also aid those with mental illness. 

“Smell is one of the strongest associations when linking to the brain that can control your mood,” said Maedel. 

“When we’re smelling something, we’re taking the time to focus on our breathing and taking time out of the day to focus on one specific thing.”

She said that with the power of thought and commitment, essential oils can further oneís overall health.

“It’s beautiful to see that when people are struggling it really helps them.”

Some things to make note of doing while using essential oils are to never ingest, always dilute, and always check indications.

“Sensitivity is a big problem for people,” said Maedel. 

“While one oil may help me with one problem, it might not take the same effect on someone else.” 

Doing a patch test is always a great idea to see if you will react to an oil badly, she said. 

Maedel said that you can use essential oils on children and dogs, but much greater caution needs to be taken. 

“[Essential oils] can do a world of wonder, but can also harm you,” she said.

“It’s important to be educated about what these oils can do and to read the labels.” 

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