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SAITSA executive council portraits on campus in Calgary on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.  (Mikaela MacKenzie/)

SAITSA executive council portraits on campus in Calgary on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.
(Mikaela MacKenzie/)

Alex Dimopoulos

SAIT Famous is a name that has been making its way around SAITSA. I want to take this opportunity to claim ownership of this phrase. The name was an ongoing joke that I had with the SAITSA Board Chair, Mitch Holt. We would pass each other in the hallways in the Stan Grad and yell “SAIT Famous.” This may lead you to think “What is SAIT Famous?”

Famous is defined as “being known about by many people.” “SAIT Famous” is a level of popularity within the walls of SAIT. Examples of people who can be “SAIT Famous” are SAITSA Executive Council, SAITSA Board of Directors, club executives, athletes, snowboarders, surfers, video game junkies, card players, musicians, artists, squash players, swimmers, book readers, journalists, trades people and so on. To get to the point, it can be any stakeholder in the SAIT community. You could say “SAIT Famous” is anyone who gives a little more than expected and does not settle for average.

With the elections coming up at the end of March, being SAIT Famous is more important than ever. The SAITSA Executive Council elections run once a year to find four students to represent all SAIT students. This article will look at some things you can do to be SAIT Famous and win an executive council election. 

The first lesson is: talk. Talk to as many people as you can and establish connections with the people you speak with. Talking to people is the best way for people to recognize who you are and potentially vote for you. The second lesson is: listen. Think before you speak. Listen to what people have to say and do not offend with your answer. As a person running a campaign, you have to listen to concerns or suggestions and act on those suggestions once you are elected. The third lesson is the most important: practice. As a political character, you will be expected to get in front of people and speak. This is a nerve racking request for most people, but with proper practice, you can be efficient at this task and show people that you are the right person for the job. Practice what you are going to say. 

The final point to being SAIT Famous is: paying attention to detail. There are many deadlines throughout the process of campaigning for student council. Read all of the documents and do not make any mistakes that could cost you the ability to run. There is a demerit system when campaigning. You have to follow the rules or you get demerits. Too many demerits and youíll get pulled from the running. There is also a panel night where you will have to get in front of your peers and talk about how you would execute the job as an executive member. This is also an important night to attend. 

The last lesson to learn is that you should have a picture and a write up for your online profile. Historically, candidates who don’t put a picture, or write up on the internet don’t get the position they seek. These are some tips that can help you get through the SAITSA elections. There is a common perception of student elections being a popularity or beauty contest, and sometimes it is. That is why when I made my posters for campaigning, I left my face out of it. With the lessons in this article, you should be able to be a competitive candidate to earn the title of “SAIT Famous.”

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