Health care revised

SAITSA rolls in added benefits to student health and dental plan

As of Feb. 1, SAITSA introduced changes to the student health and dental plan allowing students to claim $20 more on vision coverage.

“This is something that we would love students to use,” said SAITSA president Gar Gar.

Gar hopes that SAITSA will be able to continue increasing the amount of coverage available from the health and dental plan. Exploring and continuing to make improvements to the student dental and health plan coverage will be the responsibility of the next student president.

With the roll out of affordable vision care, SAIT students will be reimbursed $100 every 24 months for a combination of eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

The changes to the health and dental plan also included a removal of a referral requirement and visit the maximum on psychological services.

The benefits will cover visits with psychologists or social workers up to a maximum of $300 a year.  A prescription or referral from a physician will not be required for students to access these benefits.

These changes to the plan were a priority of Gar’s as SAIT student health and well being was one of his major platforms when running for student president.

Gar was motivated to change student health care coverage in an effort to help increase the quality of student life.

“I made this one of my priorities to reduce the financial burden from students while enhancing student wellness,” said Gar.

“This is something that a lot of students can use.

In order to qualify for the health and dental plan, SAIT students must be a member of SAITSA, be in an applicable program, attend SAIT full time, reside in Canada and be 70-years old or younger.

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