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February Trojan of the Month: Trent Mounter

The SAIT Trojans men's volleyball team take on the Red Deer College Kings in their season opener in the SAIT gym. Photo by Andrew Crossett

The SAIT Trojans men’s volleyball team take on the Red Deer College Kings in their season opener in the SAIT gym.
Photo by Andrew Crossett

For his sophomore season, Trent Mounter was sure to put the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) on notice with his attaking play.

The 21-year-old business student from Perth, Australia had an excellent scoring record this season playing for the SAIT Trojans men’s volleyball team. 

Mounter’s ability to score sets him apart from other players in the league.

He was near the top of the leaderboard in kills per game in the ACAC regular season with 295 kills. 

“Playing with the Trojans has been great, we’ve all built a connection with each other and work really well together,” Mounter said. 

Mounter is in his second year with the team, but this isn’t his first experience playing league volleyball.

From a young age, the student athlete had an interest in athletics, and a specific interest in volleyball.

After dabbling in different sports in high school, he went on to play with the Australian Volleyball League. 

The Perth native spent some time at NAIT in 2014, but returned home after feeling dissatisfied with his program. Mounter was drawn to the idea to play for SAIT because of the school’s good reputation.

 Another strong factor was the connection that the Australian Volleyball League has with the Trojans.

“There are so many former players from the Australian Volleyball League that have been to SAIT, and some that are currently playing here too.

“After talking to some former players and making a few calls, I was able to get things moving along,” Mounter said.

From developing a string of connections, the athlete decided to move to Calgary and start playing with the Trojans.

The 6’4 player has noticed his skills and level of play evolve this year.

“My consistency is the biggest thing that has improved this year, especially with my serves,” Mounter said.

With 3.6 kills per game, high scores are the trademark to this player’s style.

Mounter believes that staying focused and disciplined has led to his success this season.

“Without the coaches and team bonding, my skills definitely wouldn’t have improved this much.”

The men’s volleyball team finished in fourth place in the ACAC championship, falling with a final score of 3-0 to the Keyano College Huskies.

Although no medal was won this year, the Trojan found success in this season by smashing an all time record of 15 kills in one game.

With the offseason coming up, Mounter is equally excited to continue his volleyball career as he is with his business program.

The student plans on transitioning into the business degree program at SAIT.

He also plans on continuing to be a driving force for the team.

“I always will be involved in volleyball in some way regardless of what career path I choose.

 I always want to keep it a part of my life.”

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