A night to remember

Trojans victory highlighted by two memorable achievements

SAIT Trojans women's hockey head coach Terry Larson talks game plan to his players. Larson has coached 200 ACAC games. Photos by Andrew Crossest

SAIT Trojans women’s hockey head coach Terry Larson talks game plan to his players. Larson has coached 200 ACAC games.
Photos by Andrew Crossest

One milestone is great, two in one game is even better. Add in a victory, and it’s a night filled with celebrations. 

On Feb. 12, the SAIT Trojans women’s hockey team celebrated head coach Terry Larson’s 200th Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) game.

During that same game, captain Cora Sutton became the Trojans all-time games played leader, when she played in her 102nd game. 

“It was pretty phenomenal,” Larson said about the accomplishment of coaching his 200th game. 

“You don’t really realize how many games you are involved in when you are here.”

Headed into the game, Larson felt the excitement and energy from both the rest of the coaching staff and players, which he admits made him look forward to the game that much more.

The team made sure that the game was a memorable one for both Larson and Sutton, as they came away with the 3-1 win over the Red Deer College Queens.

“I saw how important it was to the assistants and players and it really got the excitement going,” Larson said.

After all the years and games Larson has spent with the Trojans coaching staff, he admits that he didn’t think he would’ve had the opportunity to coach that many games back when he first started coaching. 

“You don’t even realize you’re going to be somewhere for nine years, let alone 200 games.” 

As for Sutton’s milestone, Larson said it was a major achievement for her. And, the fact that she was able to play that many games while being a top student athlete in her class makes it that much more impressive. 

“Anytime you make five years at SAIT is fantastic,” Larson said.

“She’s taken two programs and excelled in both of them and on top of it, playing that many hockey games. You don’t see that a lot.”

Everyone on the team was proud of Sutton’s milestone, and Larson was quick to praise his captain for all that she has  accomplished during her time suiting up for the Trojans. 

“Cora’s just been a big part of this team from day one,” Larson said. 

“She means so much to the coaching staff and all the players.” 

Larson pointed out her best quality has been her ability to set an example and lead the team, which he believes will be a quality she will continue to have in her life once she graduates this semester. 

“She’s been a leader on this team from the start and will leave here as a leader.” 

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