Get up and go

Tips for getting ready and out of the door fast

One of the greatest feelings is finding yourself tucked in warm and cozy. But after realizing that you’re an hour late for class, that feeling is instantly terminated.

Trying to maximize time can be quite hard for non-early birds. Packing a lunch, figuring out what clothes to wear and eating breakfast are all things we hope to get done before making it to class, but these dreams fall flat when you’re running late.

Health management and information student, Julie Fan, said that sticking to a schedule helps her maximize her time in the morning as well as her day-to-day life.

“Using reminders on my phone supports me a lot during the day and night,” said Fan.

“I never remember what I have due the next day or what my plans are. The app makes life so much easier.”

Since getting up in the morning is a struggle, Fan said that by using some of these methods, people will be able to have more time for important things.

“Everyone wants to sleep in, or actually have breakfast and not feel rushed because they’re late,” said Fan.

Other ways to maximize time in the morning are by showering the night before, picking outfits and sticking to a routine that can get you out and to class on time.

SAIT student Judy Hamp said that one of the ways she stays organized is by preparing beforehand.

“I always like to pack my lunch the night before,” said Hamp.

“It helps me to be less rushed in the mornings.”

Hamp said that getting up a bit earlier than usual improves her mornings.

“Laying out my clothes also helps because I won’t be running through my closet in the morning.”

Preparing beforehand can also mean finishing up schoolwork and getting all your essentials for the day organized and ready to go.

Obvious things like combing your hair and washing your face can also be shortened into two-step regimens. Things like overnight hairstyles and 2-in-1 products cut down on time spent getting ready in the morning.

It might not seem like it, but getting enough sleep will also help mornings run more efficiently.

Going to sleep and waking up at acceptable times can help set that routine and push you to get out of bed and head to class on time.

If all else fails, throw on a hat, get a piece of gum, grab any sort of food and rush to class.

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