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Sitting down with softball captain Hailey Young

The Weal caught up with SAIT Trojans softball captain Hailey Young, to talk about softball and her experiences at SAIT both on and off the field. 

The Weal: How did you find out about the softball team at SAIT? 

Hailey Young: The head coach of a softball and baseball academy I went to in high school in Victoria, [B.C.], brought in head coach George Edwards, who coaches the softball team at SAIT to talk about it and I found out more about it looking at the athletics website. 

TW: What got you into playing softball? 

HY: I played T-ball when I was six and one day, my dad came home and told me he signed me up [for softball]. I then played in a little league and liked it more and got more competitive and played for the Victoria Devils. I didn’t play any other sports. I danced a little, but it was just mostly softball. 

TW: What was the transition from playing in Victoria to Calgary like? 

HY: The transition wasn’t too difficult, there were three of us from Victoria last year. We kind of knew each other so that helped. It’s hard because the season is short. You don’t have a lot of time together. I played all through high school with the same group of girls for the same team, it was different coming in with girls with different skill sets. You get used to it after awhile because you practice twice a week and then play six games in a weekend. You’re together all the time. 

TW: What’s your favourite experience from playing softball?

HY: In 2012, our team got to go to the World Series and represent as Team Canada. Normally in that tournament, Canada doesn’t do very well, but we played in the final, which was on ESPN, so that was really cool.  

TW: What do you take away from your time playing for the team? 

HY: Leadership. This year, I was selected to be the team captain. You have to get everyone on the same page and working together. Time management is another one. We practise and then are away for the weekend for a game in Briercrest or Regina. It’s important managing when you’re going to do homework. 

TW: What would you say to get girls to try out for the team in the future? 

HY: I think a lot of people don’t know that there’s an option to play in Canada or a softball team at SAIT. It’s nice to stay in Canada and play in a collegiate team. I’d say for them to explore their options in Canada and SAIT. Being able to have the experience is great. 

TW: Did you ever expect to see yourself where you are today?

HY: I never really saw it in the beginning. As I got older into high school, it become more of a thing once we learned about recruiting in Canada and the States. It’s growing and I think it’s going to get even bigger. 

September 3, 2016 === Women's Fastball === Photograph by: Andrew Crossett

September 3, 2016 === Women’s Fastball ===
Photograph by: Andrew Crossett

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