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Album Review: Making Matters Worse

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Le Trouble

Making Matters Worse

Indica Records (2017)

Le Trouble, a Montreal-based indie band, makes music that feels like it came straight out of a ‘90s teen movie in their debut full-length album.

Making Matters Worse starts off as upbeat with lively guitar playing and dreamy singing, the type of songs someone would play while driving to the beach in a pricey convertible.

The meaning of the album starts to take shape on “Sad Blondes.”

The lyrics tell of how beautiful people supposedly have it easy, though it is clear from the title of the track that they don’t.

“You got so much going on. Don’t have to call. Don’t have to talk.”

Beauty is pointless if there is no substance to it, and substance is impossible to obtain for pretty people when everyone is always admiring them for their surface value.

Things become moody with the third track, “Vampires,” a weird blend of surf music and spooky Dracula tunes.

Vampires on a beach certainly sounds like a contradiction, but sometimes combining opposites can provide interesting results, as Le Trouble probably well knew.

Tracks like “Vampires” keep the album from descending into repetition.

The only other track that compares to “Vampires” in terms of gloominess is “Easy Enough,” while the rest largely conform to how the album opened.

If listened to closely, scepticism can be felt lurking beneath these songs.

Vampires and surfers become one and the same. The Adonises of the beach are hollow shells, soulless hunks who are fundamentally unhappy.

“Vampires” is undoubtedly the best track on the album.

This is clear even to the casual listener. On SoundCloud, most of the other tracks only have a few hundred plays, while “Vampires” has a distant lead of over 7,500.

That is not to say the other tracks are bad. They provide a much-needed contrast from that crown jewel of a track.

They are light surrounding darkness, a field of daisies surrounding a lone black rose.

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