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Trojans Productions broadcast worldwide

Trojans Productions is a webcast here at SAIT that gives broadcasting students an incredible opportunity to get hands-on experience through broadcasting Trojans games, and it’s a great way for alumni around the world to catch up on their old teams. 

“We’ve been doing Trojans Productions since 2010,” said Billie Rae Busby, marketing and communications coordinator for the SAIT Trojans. 

The project began while Busby was on maternity leave, but since her return, she has been its head liason. 

“The thing that’s super unique about us is that we are one of the only schools that have this set up as part of the curriculum. We also offer opportunities for students in the [broadcasting] department, as well as alumni to be part of our paid crew.”

SAIT has been doing play-by-play recordings of the Trojans games for close to 20 years on the radio. Now, with the addition of new hardware, Trojans games can be filmed and broadcast online in real-time. 

“What we’ve done in the past five years has really made the students a bit more serious,” said broadcasting instructor Richard Stroobant. 

Stroobant has been at SAIT for over 10 years, and has worked with many students in Trojans Productions. 

“You start dressing the part, [and] you start acting the part. It’s been a really good stepping stone for people looking at getting into sportscasting.” 

The SAIT program is no stranger to success stories, and the broadcasting department in particular, has birthed many decorated sportscasters, including Rob Kerr and Pat Steinberg, to name a few. 

One student, Brady Sim, a graduate of the broadcasting program, said of his experience, the value was astronomical. 

“That’s the way you learn,” said Sim. 

“It’s one of those jobs that you can do as much reading [and] as much research as you like, but you’re not going to learn it or get better unless you do it.” 

After graduation, Sim secured himself a job sportscasting for the junior B hockey team, the Red Deer Vipers, a job directly related to his experiences at Trojans Productions. 

Another important aspect of the program is that families and friends of Trojans players can watch games worldwide. 

“Australia and New Guinea, I’m getting e-mails from people all around the world, asking, ‘Hey, when’s the next Trojans game on? Send me the schedule’.” 

Listen in to Trojans radio broadcasts at, and watch the Trojans live games on the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference’s (ACAC) website

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