Senator Burns building gets upgrade

Senator Burns Building under renovation

Burns Bistro under construction in the basement of the Senator Burns Building on Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 at SAIT. (Photo by Quin Hauck/SAIT)

Burns Bistro under construction in the basement of the Senator Burns Building on Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 at SAIT. (Photo by Quin Hauck/SAIT)

The Burns Bistro, located in the basement of the Senator Burns Building, has been shut down in order to facilitate renovations to create new labs for SAIT’s School of Information and Communications Technologies.

The renovations have been made possible by funding SAIT received from the federal government.

In October 2016, SAIT received $21 million in federal funding to put towards upgrading the campus.

The renovations are part of a larger project to complete upgrades in the Senator Burns and John Ware buildings.

“The funding provides us with an opportunity to not only improve our workspace, but to also take a step back and look at how we configure our study and work spaces, ensuring they’re optimized for longterm student success,” said Brad Boser, SAIT’s director of facilities management.

The renovations are expected to be completed by spring 2018.

“There’s a lot of work being done and we’ll collaborate with staff and students to minimize the impact as well as ensure the end result delivers improved work space,” said Boser.

“It’s now impossible to find seating on the main floor [of the Burns building],” said Chelsea Knievel, a first-year SAIT rehab therapy assistant student.

Knievel has all of her classes in the Burns building and has been affected by the renovations.

“[Previously] we were able to sit down and work on our projects without moving all our books. Now, we always have to go to a different building to find a big enough space to work,” said Knievel.

A press release by the federal government stated, “Good jobs begin with a good education, which is why it’s critical that we support our colleges, universities and technical training institutes. These key infrastructure investments ensure Albertans have access to state of the art learning and training facilities while addressing the need to create jobs and diversify our economy.”

Dr. David Ross, president and CEO of SAIT, stated in a press release, “SAIT is grateful for the ongoing support of the Government of Canada. The impact of this funding extends beyond infrastructure. This is an investment in our students, applied education and the economy. 

“It will help us continue to innovate, provide relevant programs and set our students up for success, ensuring they are career ready when they graduate.”

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