Construction planning certificate now offered at SAIT

SAIT is offering a new construction program geared towards helping industry workers gain the skills necessary in project management.

The Construction Planning Certificate of Achievement is being offered through the School of Construction, in partnership with the School of Business.

“The program is based on the national training standard that was put together by the construction sector council,” said Jessica Williamson, the continuing education coordinator for the School of Construction. 

“They recommended a number of skill sets that are required in order to be successful on construction sites, in terms of the planning, the quality and the productivity.”

The Construction Sector Council, now called Build Force Canada, is a national industry-led organization aimed at working with the construction industry to provide information and resources to help the workforce drive economic growth in Canada.

“We’ve developed a series of eight courses, five through the School of Construction and three through the School of Business,” said Williamson.

It was realized that the School of Business had the expertise needed in order to fulfill the objectives of the curriculum.

The eight courses will focus on, among other things, covering the 10 steps of construction planning, project management, cost planning and control, communication, negotiation and business planning.

“We are the first in Canada to develop a program that’s based on the national training standard,” said Williamson. “We developed a curriculum in order to meet the objectives in the standard, and to meet the needs of the local construction industry.”

The overall goal of the course is to prepare construction workers for more senior roles, as well as management positions.

“The primary audience for the program are the people who are experienced construction workers who understand how a construction site works and how a job goes together,” said Williamson.

Possible roles in the industry for graduates include site supervisors, superintendents, operations managers, project controls and scheduling leads.

The program takes 176 hours to complete and is possible to finish in one year. 

Though the program is only offered right now as a part-time course with night classes, there are plans to hopefully expand it into a full-time day course for next year.

The program has a flexible timeframe, as students can set their own schedules, and take up to five years to complete the certificate.

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