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SAIT politics

Alex Dimopoulos 

Vice President Academic

The prime minister of Canada was at your school. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to SAIT twice in 2016, once in the spring time and again just before Christmas. 

The first time, Canada’s prime minister visited classrooms and shops in the Thomas Riley Building. 

The second time, he visited the School of Energy. 

This is an honour for SAIT students to see this kind of Canada-wide exposure. We also had SAIT centennial and a visit from a national television show. 

As we saw with the elections of our neighbours to the south, 2016 was a year with theatrical politics.

In my opinion, SAIT and its students are an important part of what the future of this country will look like. 

We focus on innovation and making originals. 

Our business school has an entrepreneurial inspiration. 

We train students for Alberta Health Services and we can fix anything. 

These types of workers and graduates will help our economy recover from the recession.  This could be the reason our prime minister has visited our institution, but this is just my opinion.

SAIT also has politics internally, which are housed within our SAIT Students’ Association. 

SAIT students elect an executive council once a year to represent their interests on an executive level. These executive meetings range from SAIT to  government levels. 

All SAIT students can run to become a student executive for SAITSA. 

The four positions are president, vice president external, vice president student life and vice president academic: my position. 

Please go to for more information.

I encourage all of my fellow students to research the roles and campaign for one of the positions if this is something that interests you.

If this is not something that interests you, there is also an opportunity every September to become a member on the SAITSA board of directors. 

This is the high level decision-making body for SAITSA. They do not focus on every day operations but more the long-term strategy for SAITSA and all of its members. 

This year’s board of directors serving until Sept. 2017 are:

Herlina Siagan, Cameron Hodgins, Daniel Caine, Donavin Nichols, Hai Nguyen, Harsha Bhamidipati, Hai Hinchey, Ian Buenaventura, Jessica Beddow, Joshua Eway, Naomi Movilla, Tanya Pittis, Vanessa Williams, Mitchell Holt, Joshua Bettle, David Morales, Gar Gar, Alex Dimopoulos, Mikayla Schaffer and Connor Goodfellow.

Our next board of directors meeting is scheduled for Feb. 13. 

All SAITSA members can attend with proper notice. To attend, please contact SAITSA (V204) for more information on how to be a guest at our meetings. 

The meetings are held on the third floor of the Heritage building in the SMED board room (AA317). 

If you are interested in politics or want to meet any of these fine people, please notify the board and participate in the fun.

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