Good food at a good price

Student Resource Centre offers great deals to students

AIMG_7463-3SAITSA’s Resource Centre had a very busy holiday season, with many different programs and deals being offered to students.

Among the offers was the Good Food Box program, run in tandem with Community Kitchen Calgary, a volunteer organization that aims to help reduce hunger in the city.

“It’s definitely quite popular,” said Emma Warren, assistant manager of the Student Resource Centre. “You usually get your staples like apples, oranges, lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes.”

The boxes are available in three different sizes and range in price from $25 to $35.

Warren said the program is entirely run by volunteers, from the drivers to the people who put the boxes together. 

“It is really a good cost-saving program,” said Shona Sutherland, SAITSA’s communications coordinator. “I used to purchase it when I was a student at SAIT and loved it.

“It really got me through school.”

Another service being offered by the Resource Centre is the Adopt-a-Student-Family program. 

This program provided the chance for anyone to buy presents for a family of students that may not be able to do it themselves.

“It’s a chance for those students who are in need of a little extra assistance over the holidays, those working really hard to go to school, to be able to help support their families.”

Among the donations this year were gift cards to Safeway, donated by a SAIT alumnus.

“Not only are they getting gifts, but they’re also getting grocery gift cards that will help them out with their food needs over the holidays as well,” said Warren.

The Resource Centre also reaches out to the different departments within SAIT to donate towards the program.

“We get a lot of support from the different departments,” said Warren. “They really want to be able to support their own over the holidays, so it’s really nice to see.”

The Student Resource Centre is offering many other services including printing and copying for students. It also sells discounted movie passes, hockey tickets and even ski lift tickets to locations like Sunshine Village.

All of SAITSA’s 68 clubs are run through the centre as well.

“We’ve always sort of operated to be a hub to try to provide students with whatever they need,” said Warren.

“At any given time, our office always has a lot going on.”

Please visit the SAITSA Resource Centre located in room MC107 in the Stan Grad Centre for access to any of these deals and services.

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