Building a wall around Hollywood

With Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration closing in, there is little doubt that Hollywood is preparing to unleash a barrage of satire.

However, people shouldn’t be surprised if some punches are pulled. Trump is no stranger to the entertainment business.

He is well known for hosting The Apprentice and has made cameos in a number of notable movies like Home Alone 2 and Zealander.

But when his controversial presidential campaign began, many in the entertainment industry, including The Apprentice’s network, NBC, chose to cut ties with him.

Mainstream media largely drives the anti-Trump movement.

Many news organizations, most notably CNN, have forsaken objectivity in favour of constantly attacking him.

Shows such as The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live are also taking up arms against Trump by portraying him as an incompetent bully.

And a stark majority of celebrities have expressed distain for the man, everyone from Stephen King to George Takei.

With the entire world against him, it’s a wonder Trump managed to cinch the election.

But if there is one thing this election proves, it’s that nobody cares what celebrities think.

In fact, Hilary Clinton probably made a tactical error when she recruited people like Beyoncé and Jay Z to endorse her. It gave off the impression the elites were working together against Trump, making him look like an underdog and alienating working class voters.

Trump himself has repeatedly said the media is out to get him, a statement that is at least partially true, and which makes many people consider him trustworthy.

Still, there are too many staunch liberals in Hollywood for this campaign against Trump to end anytime soon.

SNL shows no signs of stopping its lampooning of Trump. Neither does Alec Baldwin, who portrays him regularly on the show.

Left-wing filmmakers like Michael Moore and Oliver Stone will certainly create numerous anti-Trump films too.

Even if celebrities decided not to make anti-Trump content, they can always complain on Twitter.

Liberals shouldn’t put too much faith in Hollywood, however, because it tends to avoid politics when it comes to its bigger projects for fear of alienating an audience of over 60 million Republican voters.

And if Hollywood is willing to cozy up to authoritarian governments like the Communist Party of China in order to maximize box office returns, like when the Chinese saved the world in The Martian and 2012, supporting Trump shouldn’t be too difficult for the entertainment industry.

One should also keep in mind, while Hollywood is predominantly liberal, it does have a conservative community. Some celebrities have even overtly supported Trump, such as Kid Rock, Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson, Jon Voight and Kanye West.

People can expect to see at least some opposition to this anti-Trump movement from within the industry itself.

But perhaps liberals will benefit if the media takes a step back.

One of the main reasons Trump has been so successful is the amount of free coverage he has gotten through his inflammatory remarks.

Satire is an important aspect of democracy, but the last thing the world needs right now is more sensationalism.

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