Out of thin air

The Paper Kites to appear at The Gateway

Photo courtesy of Nettwerk Music Group.

Photo courtesy of Nettwerk Music Group.

The Paper Kites, an indie folk-rock band from Melbourne, Australia, will be making a stop in Calgary on their North American tour.

The Gateway will be hosting the band on Tuesday, Dec. 6, with Horse Thief opening.

 “Ever since we’ve been over here, Canada’s always had exceptional crowds,”  said guitarist David Powys.

Powys joked that bands from Canada and Australia often share the experience of being mistaken for a different nationality.

“There’s been a lot of Canadian artists we just assume are Americans,” Powys said, adding that Australian artists are often mistaken for being English.

Powys said there are also cultural differences in music and marketing. When asked about the band’s “indie folk-rock” label, Powys said, “I think in Australia that’s not something that gets us a lot of recognition. In Canada, that’s kind of a big deal. 

“I think maybe it’s worked out in our favour.”

Powys said while the band wouldn’t likely choose the label themselves, he’s happy if it gets people interested. 

The Paper Kites’ latest album, twelvefour, was inspired by the idea that the most creative hours of the day are between midnight and 4 a.m.

Living up to its name, the entire album was written by the band’s vocalist, Sam Bentley, during that timeframe.

“The whole experience shapes the way the album sounds,” Powys said.

After hearing about the concept of late night work, Bentley decided to try it for himself and the album was born.

The other members aren’t strangers to long hours either, with an extensive touring schedule that has taken them nearly around the world. 

“We’ve been on the road for about two years,” Powys said, explaining that despite taking a month or two off in between some shows, everyone in the band is ready for a break.

In the weeks before arriving in Calgary, The Paper Kites will be playing in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

The band formed in 2010, and the five members were originally close friends attending the same high school. 

Their single “Bloom” was released in 2010, garnering larger media attention and the band gradually grew in popularity. 

As for where the band’s name comes from, Powys said, “Nowhere, man. Out of thin air.”

The Paper Kites will be performing at The Gateway on Tuesday, Dec. 6. For tickets, please visit: http://www.gatewaycalgary.ca/

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