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SAITSA executive council portraits on campus in Calgary on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.  (Mikaela MacKenzie/)

SAITSA executive council portraits on campus in Calgary on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.
(Mikaela MacKenzie/)

You may be wondering, “What’s Alex Dimopoulos up to nowadays.” This week on the Executive Corner, I feel the student body deserves an update from the office of the Vice President Academic. I am happy to share my experience and hope all stakeholders in the SAIT community take a read and enjoy the ride. 

There are many areas within SAIT that the SAITSA Vice President Academic is involved in. The highest impact, in my opinion, is the participation on SAIT’s Academic Council.

You may say “Academic Council, what’s that?” Well, let me tell you. It is the main recommending body for the SAIT Board of Governors. 

The SAIT Board of Governors are the main decision makers at SAIT. They meet once a month and set the direction for SAIT. Our SAITSA President Gar Gar and The Weal contributor David Morales sit on the Board of Governors as student representatives. 

The Academic Council recommends motions (improvements) for the Board of Governors to implement. 

The Academic Council has 10 representatives as voting members to make recommendations to the Board of Governors. The 10 student representatives on the Academic Council are myself, Mikayla Schaffer (SAITSA VP External), Polina Serebryakova, Samuel Sabey, Alysson Torres-Gillett, Daniel Caine (SAITSA Board Director), Marcel Bandeira, Diana Rodriguez and (Eric) Minkyu Ko. 

You may now go, “Hey, I read an article that said you are a SAITSA student representative,” when you see one of these people. 

I encourage you to talk to those people about the issues and accomplishments of your program. These representatives have voting status on these high impact governing bodies. If you want your concerns heard by the top players at SAIT, you must voice your opinion to someone who can help you make it heard. 

The student representatives are also looking to talk to you, as they love information that can aid them in the voting they participate in at meetings. 

You are who I work for. I can help have your voice heard at SAIT. 

The students are the main reason that SAIT exists. We have representation on decision making bodies at SAIT. 

That is what I do for SAIT students, I make sure that decisions that concern SAIT students are fair and that we are aware of the activities that SAIT is planning for the future. I also advocate for student concerns to make SAIT a better place to study. 

On the Academic Council, we have struck an ad-hoc committee concerned with co-curricular credit, which is designed to find opportunities for SAIT students to get involved outside of the classroom. SAIT would then record the skills and abilities of this activity on an official document. This official document would be held with the registrar and would complement your transcript. The co-curricular record would be an additional resource for students when applying for jobs or other post-secondary education beyond SAIT. This is currently not happening, but SAITSA is advocating to make this available.

Academic Council representation is a perfect example of an activity that a student could put on a co-curricular record for future recruiters to look at. 

This could set your credentials apart from others who have the same level of education. Your extracurricular activity could be what gets you that job in the near future. 

The co-curricular credit would help all students around SAIT, Trojan athletes, volunteers and all other above and beyond activity. The co-curricular record is like the red wine that complements the juicy steak (ie: your transcript) to make for a true dining experience (ie: getting a job). 

In conclusion, please email me to voice any concerns you have so I help advocate for you to SAIT. 

Also, if you want to stop by my office one of these days and give me comments, I would be happy to hear them.

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