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Album Review: Meet the Seams


The Seams 

Meet The Seams 

Hand Drawn Dracula Records (2016)

The Seams are putting out straight to the point, guitar-centered music that could come right out of the ‘70s.

Consisting of former members of WISH, Fake Palms, Elsa and U.S. Girls, main songwriters Kyle Connolly and Jonathan Rogers intended The Seams to be a side project that’s all about simplistic riffs and grooves. 

However, the band is almost too successful in their quest for simplicity as Meet The Seams is a collection of 10 songs that all sound a bit too similar to one another. 

Every song on Meet The Seams, from “The Seams,” to “…till we meet again,” is a mellow blend of surf guitar riffs, fat basslines and straight drum beats. It makes one think of blonde hair, beaches and Vans Authentic sneakers with its easygoing nature. 

Interestingly enough, despite wanting to sound like a record akin to that of the ‘70s, the vocals on Meet The Seams take a back seat in the arrangement of most songs. 

It often sounds as if the instruments are drowning Connolly’s voice out, and at times, it’s difficult to hear what he’s saying. 

By track four, “ADHD,” the surf sound gets old quite quickly and may leave one yearning to hear something more varied. 

The song “Hung Up” solves the problem of repetitiveness a bit with a change in tempo from the previous five songs, and subsequent tracks also begin to vary. 

The Seams’ music is quite relaxed, and if one enjoys The Beach Boys and slower, more pop-esque tracks from The Foo Fighters, then they would be interested in giving Meet The Seams a listen.

Photo by Colin Medley

Photo by Colin Medley

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