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Album Review: Isolation Culture


His Clancyness

Isolation Culture

Hand Drawn Dracula/Maple Death Records (2016)

Isolation Culture, the newest album from the Italian-Canadian band, His Clancyness, is a masterful blend of both acoustic and synthesized sound. 

His Clancyness was originally formed by Canadian musician Johnathan Clancy as a solo project, but has since evolved into an experimental, minimal noise, pop-rock group. 

The band, made up of Clancy on guitar, Giulia Mazza on the mesmerizing synthesizer, the deep rumble of Nico Pasquini on the bass and Jacopo Beta on the drums, seeks to push the envelope with their music. 

Isolation Culture was a two-year project in the making. After various experiments with sound, the resulting album is truly unique.

“Uranium” starts the album with a very funky, eerie sound.

Mazza’s synthesiser provides a droning, whining note that resounds throughout the song, mixed together with a lively drumbeat. 

The track “Pale Fear” has a catchy tempo, primarily created by guitar riffs and percussion melding together to form a beat that the lyrics match excellently. 

“Isolate me culture more than anything I know” is a particularly sharp lyric in the titular track that sticks in the mind. 

Putting the rock in alternative rock, the song still maintains the wailing harmony that characterizes this album, with Pasquini and Beta providing a strong foot-tapping back up for Clancy’s lyrics. 

An epic, soaring sound fittingly dominates “Dreams Building Dreams.” Clancy’s guitar is heavily prevalent here, laid on a back track of echoing synthesizer that only grows more powerful the longer it goes on. 

“’Cause dreams keep building into everything I see,” particularly stands out, encapsulating the message of the song. 

The pace picks up on “Xerox Mode,” with energetic guitar chords and pace-setting drums that create an engaging and stimulating tempo.

Overall, the tone of this album leans towards the surreal, yet the music’s sonorous and otherworldly melodies make Isolation Culture a distinctive listening experience.

(Photo by Giulia Mazza)

(Photo by Giulia Mazza)

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