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SAITSA executive council portraits on campus in Calgary on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.  (Mikaela MacKenzie/)

SAITSA executive council portraits on campus in Calgary on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.
(Mikaela MacKenzie/)

Alex Dimopoulos
VP Academic

“…and The SAITSA Award goes to…” A quote from last year’s president, Brigitte Matheson when handing out the entrepreneur award at the 2015/16 awards show.

SAITSA awards are given out once a year to over 30 students with over $30,000 available. These awards are separate and additional to the SAIT awards.

Our awards are meant to reward selected applicants, and can be won even if you have already won an award with SAIT. SAITSA awards are available to all fee-paying students including international students.

All SAITSA awards require an essay or write-up based on various criteria. For example, why do you deserve the award?, and what you have you done that is exceptional?

Some of the rewards require you to volunteer with SAITSA to apply.

There are volunteering opportunities with SAITSA like: Campus Safewalk, Tax Assistance Program, SAITSA elections, Promotions team, The Weal, Student Support Centre, various awareness days, event setup and tear down, and the Food Bank. So start volunteering with SAITSA today to get your hours to be eligible for these awards by registering online through

“Nothing in life is free,” is a quote I first heard from my father, and one of the most common clichés.

It is referring to the advertisements and deals that claim “free” or “no charge” for products or services.

Sometimes they will give you a product for free only if you buy one first. Other times it is free for the first month, but to continue service you have to start paying. This leads to the common perspective that nothing in life is free.

With SAITSA awards, you can guarantee that the awards are free money. We will not ask you to pay it back, it is yours, keep it, buy yourself something nice.

Now, what it really means to win an award: the money is the gravy on top of the mash potatoes that are the actual awards. In my opinion, I think that the recognition that you are the winner of an award, even if the monetary amount is minimal, is what you remember. In 20 years, when you are reminiscing on your college experience, you will say, “I remember when I won an award, I cannot remember what the amount was, but my parents were really impressed.”

Also if your parents are paying for your schooling, the SAITSA awards can help them have peace of mind that they are not wasting their money.

In conclusion, the non-monetary aspect of SAITSA awards are really important resumé builders.

Try to think about finding a job in the near future. You will get asked about your schooling and work experience.

They could also ask you about the volunteering and extracurricular activities you participated in.

The one thing that could set you apart from other applicants that have the same schooling, with the same involvement, is a SAITSA award. This is because it shows that others have recognized you as outstanding, and it’s not just yourself claiming to be awesome.

Another reason that the SAITSA awards are so important is because you get a crystal trophy that has your name on it. This is also something that is priceless, as the trophy is for you. This crystal plaque is the legacy memento that you can put on your desk or tool box that says you have done something with your life.

This will help with your credibility when you get your first job leaving college. Please apply today to win a SAITSA award, and put the icing on the cake that is your resumé.

The deadline to apply is Feb. 2017 ,so apply today, three months away.

Go to and follow the “Student Services” to get to the “SAITSA Awards Program” link.

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