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Album Review: Let The Silence Stay Where It Was



Let The Silence Stay Where It Was

New Damage Records (2016)

Sparrows, a Toronto-based rock band, self-described as “spacey, punk post-whatever,” released their latest album, Let The Silence Stay Where It Was, earlier this month.

They don’t seem to put much effort into being included or excluded from any genre, but their sound could fleetingly be described as similar to the post-punk rock of the early 2000s, with slight post-hardcore undertones.

They may not be wading into new waters, but where this album lacks in innovation or experimentation, it more than makes up for in quality.

All the technical elements here are nailed: the production is fantastic, the interplay between all musical elements is balanced well and everything just fits, flows and locks together exquisitely.

“Spacey punk post-whatever” may sound like a half-assed attempt at apathetic coolness, but “spacey” is an excellent word to describe their sound.

There is a literal sense of volumetric space here. There are long and beautiful bridges and choruses that open up and feel like the musical equivalent of a wide-panning landscape shot. In contrast, the fast and grungy solos and verses aggressively inflict claustrophobic sensations.

Movement between and inside the songs feels natural and fluid. Even with drastic changes of pace and intensity, the transitions between these and other elements doesn’t become jarring to the listener.

Even when a song features a grandiose breakdown at the conclusion, the next song still picks up and starts in a way that feels like a natural progression.

Let The Silence Stay Where It Was isn’t genre defining, and it isn’t a new and brave sound for the band or their audience, but it is a technically excellent album and a damn good listen.



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