Craft Tuesday

Students express to destress

Crafty Tuesday is a great way to be creative, meet friends and break the overlying tensions that can lurk on a campus.

Every Tuesday, the Student Support Centre hosts this fun event from noon to 4 p.m., providing students with a creative way to release stress and connect with other students in an informal environment.

Sheet instructions are provided for students to follow so they aren’t left guessing where to put the glue. Hint: it’s not on a neighbour’s seat.

Crafty Tuesday has been running strong for two years, with attendance steadily growing every week. Frans Diaz, a SAIT business administration student and peer support staff member with SAITSA, hosts the event most weeks.

“We get regulars that come every week, and new people are always joining.”

Emma Warren, assistant manager of student experience with SAITSA, said, “It all started with craft events hosted by the SSC for special holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, and support grew from there.”

Warren mentioned, “SAITSA received additional funding last year and was then able to run the program full-time.”

One of the great things about this event is that it is feedback-based. Students get to make crafts they are interested in making, and they change on a weekly basis. There are many options to choose from such as magnets, journal decorating and coffee mug painting.

Creativity can be a great way to learn a new skill and give an over used brain a break. Thinking creatively has been proven to be one of the core drivers in innovative behaviour, and it can help with problem solving back in the academic world.

Just like yoga can compliment running, crafting can compliment mathematics or graphic design.

Many students may peg themselves as uncreative. Naomi Movilla, a SAIT legal assistant student, and fellow crafter has it covered.

“Go rogue, you don’t need to be creative. It is your own expression!”

“They say they can do anything here, when they have the support of one another,” said Diaz.

Taking the pressure off is important to prevent burn out, Emily Bronca, a first-year SAIT legal assistant student said.

“It’s a way to be at school, but not do school work, so it takes away from the stress of it all.”

Warren explains that Crafty Tuesday “gives students a chance to work with their hands, take a break from work and meet new people.”

School can sometimes be a hard place to connect. It can be easier to talk when your hands are occupied and you have a focus like a craft.

When asked why she likes to come to Crafty Tuesdays, Katherine Fyfe, a student of SAIT baking and pastry arts responded, “People are easier to talk to here.”

Movilla wanted to let students know “it’s a great way to spend time with friends, and share a common interest. Just come here there is no discrimination.”

Crafty Tuesday is a great place to do something that isn’t graded. It relieves stress related to academics and provides a fun and healthy distraction from the pressures of school and life in general.

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