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Album Review: We Move


James Vincent McMorrow
We Move (2016)
Dine Alone Records

Irish singer-songwriter, James Vincent McMorrow, has released a third installment of striking lyrics, symphonic tones and exhilarating beats with his new album, We Move.

The new album, released Sept. 2, contains 10 full, rich songs, which make up a story that continues throughout the album.

Compared to McMorrow’s previous albums, Post Tropical and Early in the Morning, We Move contains a maturity that distinguishes this album as his best yet.

The album begins with the song, “Rising Water,” which sets the ethereal pace and tone for the rest of the songs on the album.

The R&B essence of the song is immediately sensed as it starts with dips in pitch, and electronic claps – sounds that are unfamiliar in McMorrow’s past albums.

This may be the influence of producer Nineteen85, who also produces music for artists such as Drake and Kanye West.

As the song continues, lyrics like, “Because you make me feel alive in spite of rising water,” tells a story about yearning for someone or something, even though they may be hurting you.

Though the lyrics may be serious or moody in “Rising Water,” the tempo and cheerfulness of the song bring a feeling of freedom to the listener.

This story of a push and pull love continues in the song, “One Thousand Times.”

The lyric, “Tell you what you want to hear if what you want is incomplete, I don’t want to live without your love,” ties with the lyrics in the chorus, “If you’re alone how can I save you, or find a way to make your life more complicated,” which shows McMorrow’s effort and dedication in his poetic choice of words.

Throughout the album, McMorrow’s enchanting chromatic and enharmonic scale haunts the listener in each song.

He brings the listener tingling melodies and deep ensembles that send chills down the spine, as he hits extreme highs and deep notes in all of his songs.

A rhythmic heartbeat bass heard throughout songs like “Last Story” and “One Thousand Times” is sure to make any listener at least tap their toes.

The song, “Lost Angles,” is an exquisite ending to the album, and is, what I feel, what pulls the albums’ story altogether.

The acoustics of the classical piano from the song bring back memories of McMorrow’s past albums.

All of the bass and unnecessary tones are stripped away, making way for the powerfully heartbreaking lyrics, “To live your life in shallow water, or risk failure drowning in the deep end.”

The song lets the listener into the depths, and asks them to take chances in both love and life.

We Move is a 180-degree spin compared to 2010’s Early in the Morning, which clearly shows the development of McMorrow’s musical presence.

It is more upbeat, exciting and compelling to listen to, but still contains the sorrowful lyrics, ripe with emotional storytelling, from the ever talented James Vincent McMorrow.

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