Legend of Zelda at CPO

Bringing the legendary music of the game to real life

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra will soon be performing The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, a multimedia symphonic concert.

The concert will take place at Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary, on Sept. 22.

“The Zelda Symphony is a multimedia symphonic extravaganza,” said Kevin Zakresky, an associate conductor for the concert. “It’s a walk down memory lane with all the visual incarnations of the Zelda games for the past 30 years.”

The concert features music taken directly out of Zelda video games. Throughout the performance, clips from the video games are depicted on a screen above the stage.

“It’s a really cool feat of engineering and composition,” said Zaresky.

Symphony of the Goddesses is a worldwide tour that utilizes a number of different conductors, playing everywhere from Paris to Tokyo.

Because Zakresky lives in Vancouver, he is responsible for conducting the concerts in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, utilizing local orchestras such as the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

“It’s rare for anyone to conduct an orchestra so big,” Zakresky said. “It’s a dream come true.”

Symphony of the Goddesses is comprised of percussion, wind instruments and six horns, which Zakresky said is a lot more than an average orchestra would use.

While he is not a video game aficionado, Zakresky said he has always admired the orchestral music of Zelda games.

Many audience members are fans of the games, some of them even cosplaying as characters.

Adults who know nothing about the games or have never played them before also come to the show.

“We’re opening up new demographics,” Zakresky said. “There are people of all ages at Zelda shows, which
is wonderful.”

Zakresky said that having a concert based upon such a nostalgic property draws in young crowds that might not otherwise go to these kinds of music events, who may even become fans of concert orchestras in general.

“It’s smart that they got this at the beginning of the season,” he said. “Young people are looking for experiences.”

Zakresky, 34, was born in Saskatchewan, but attended school in B.C., and later got his doctoral degree in choral conducting from Yale in 2012. He is currently the conductor of the Pacifica Singers and the founder-director of Sea to Sky Symphony in Vancouver.

The concert is in its third season, entitled Master Quest. Each show is around two-and-a-half hours long with an intermission.

“The score just grabs you, and it changes your heartbeat,” Zakresky said. “You leave a symphonic concert having been moved to your core.”

For tickets and more information on the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s presentation of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses – Master Quest, please visit: http://calgaryphil.com/event/the-legend-of-zelda-symphony-of-the-goddesses/

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