Keep in touch

It’s now easier than ever to connect with fellow students.

SAITSA has released an app intended to help students, both new and returning, connect while simultaneously keeping them up-to-date with campus life.

The app allows students to message each other privately, or over a community messaging board, with various messaging threads for everything from ride sharing to a lost and found forum.

In addition to the community messaging boards, a student life section on the main page of the app allows connected students to browse upcoming events at The Gateway, the SAITSA-run campus venue and bar. Students can save intriguing events to the in-app timetable, an addition that serves as an easy reminder of what’s happening on campus.

Also available through the SAITSA app is a list of the plethora of student clubs available at SAIT, which includes a feature allowing students to join any club of their choosing with a single click.

In an effort to keep students up to date, The Weal, SAITSA’s student-run newspaper, is featured on the home page of the app.

The campus information section allows students to search for their courses, and the accompanying map makes locating the proper building easy for anyone new to SAIT.

But perhaps the best feature of them all is the addition of a “deals” section on the app’s primary page.

This section not only informs students of an array of nearby food and beverage facilities available both on and off-campus, it also provides information on the various daily specials at SAITSA-run eateries such as the Odyssey Coffeehouse and The Gateway.

“It has made my life easier,” Ali Ghandour, a civil engineering technology student at SAIT, said through the app’s direct messaging feature.

Ghandour uses the app for everything from the calendar to looking up used textbooks.

“Before this, I used to walk over to the second-hand bookstore to buy books or open the laptop for my schedule. Now everything is done[in the] app.”

The SAITSA app is available through both the App Store and Google Play. To register for the app, students are required to have a valid SAIT email address, which is used as their login.

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