SAIT unveils a new look

Keeping the red, dropping the Polytechnic

SAIT_logos_for_Adam_March1As SAIT launches into its centennial year, expect to see big changes around campus with SAIT’s logo completely transforming and removing ‘Polytechnic’ from the trademark name.

“It’s an exciting time for SAIT,” said Carol Rogalski, the director of marketing for SAIT.

“As we evolve and grow, and bring ourselves into the next century, it will evoke a lot of pride because the brand story and the visual identity better represent what SAIT is today.”

The new visual identity is a reflection of how SAIT has evolved and changed since its last rebranding in 1998.

The new logo will retain the historic base red and blue colours, but also incorporate other hues to be more creative and represent more innovation.

“SAIT was definitely red. We heard that loud and clear and knew we had to stay red,” said Rogalski.

The new logo is forged by five s-shaped connectors representing the people and relationships that define SAIT: students; faculty and staff; alumni; employees and partners; and the diverse communities SAIT serves.

The connectors also form interlocking infinity symbols, which Rogalski said signifies how SAIT has “infinite possibilities.”

At the heart of the new logo is a star, representing SAIT’s focus on excellence and professionalism.

SAIT’s international outlook and global collaborations are also echoed in the spherical shape.

Along with the new logo, SAIT Polytechnic is now, simply, SAIT.

“Polytechnic is not well understood by our students,” said Rogalski. “We’re reverting back to what our actual name is.”

She said polytechnic was a trade name, implemented in 2004, and something to represent their membership with Polytechnics Canada.

Leading up to the rebrand, research was conducted with multiple focus groups to help redefine what SAIT is and where it should go.

“To identify the essence of SAIT through all that stakeholder input was the most important part of this process,” said Rogalski.

She said certain words would consistently come up during the focus groups when describing SAIT: innovative, leaders in research, hands-on, interactive, helpful friendly instructors “that came up quite strongly”, good reputation, connected to industry, and real work experience.

“I think there’s a real sense of pride,” she said. “People are proud of being part of SAIT.”

With eight schools and a variety of students, Rogalski said they had to find a brand that aligned with all the areas of SAIT and all the diversity.

“When we look at the essence of that brand story, there’s a real focus on our excellence,” said Rogalski.

“In order to deliver excellence, […] you need to be bold, you need to be inspiring, you need to be innovative, and I think the story speaks to all that.”

The brand story describes SAIT as a home to advance know-how, energy and talents with relevant, action-based learning, solution-focused research, and enterprising collaboration with people and partners from around the globe.

“I really hope that students see beyond the logo and really see themselves in the brand story. I think it is so representative of everybody on campus, and aligning to that – that’s where the guts of it is, for me.”

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