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Trojans look for areas of improvement going forward

November 13, 2015 === Men's Basketball === The SAIT Trojans men's basketball team take on the Briercrest Clippers in the SAIT gym. Photograph by: Andrew Crossett

SAIT Trojans men’s basketball coach Marty Birky with the team in the SAIT gym on Nov. 13, 2015. Photograph by: Andrew Crossett

With the 2015-16 season officially over, the SAIT Trojans are starting to think about what went right and what they can improve for next year.

Overall, the Trojans had an above-average year, with the majority of men and women’s teams making playoffs, though no divisional titles were won this year.

The women’s volleyball team finished second in their division, with a record of 17 wins to seven losses, just barely missing a spot in nationals.

“We’ve been improving every year,” said Art O’Dwyer, head coach for the women’s volleyball team.

“I expect to continue to do that and at some point go to nationals.”

O’Dwyer also noted that they had a few star players this season that helped the team excel.

Among those mentioned were Megan Brennan, who broke multiple team records, and Chanelle Kayser, the new setter for the team, who trumped expectations.

The hockey teams this year both clinched playoff spots but were unable to secure a divisional win.

In addition, the men’s volleyball and women’s basketball teams both made it to playoffs.

“The main challenge we faced this year was all of the injuries,” said Marty Birky, head coach for the Trojans men’s basketball team, one of the only SAIT teams to not make playoffs this past season.

“We had seven different players miss multiple games and a key player miss the entire season due to an injury.

As we prepare for next season, we are focusing on taking care of our bodies with strength and conditioning,” Birky added.

Women’s soccer also faced some challenges this past season, finishing as one of the lowest placed teams in their division.

John Talerico, head coach for the Trojans women’s soccer team said, “We didn’t do as well as we could have.”

He added that this was mainly due to the “lack of scoring.”

However, next season looks hopeful for them, as the team will consist of mostly  the same players, but will be more in-tune with each other’s playing styles.

As well, star player, Amoy Hudson, from the 2014-15 season will be returning for in September.

Talerico emphasized the family-like aspects that come with these team sports and how this helps to strengthen their skills.

“We are all in good spirits,” said Talerico. “We still do indoor training during the off-season.”

Looking towards next year, high school recruits are on the radar for most of the Trojans’ coaches.

“We will be adding several players for next season,” said Birky.

O’Dwyer commented on at least two promising high school players, though due to legality issues, the names of said players cannot be released until September.

The SAIT Trojans, backed by an engaging athletic program, are getting better every year and next year should be a promising season for all players.

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