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Album Review: Wintersleep

The Great Detachment (2016)
Dine Alone Records

Wintersleep’s sixth studio album, The Great Detachment is a partial return to the songwriting style that made 2007’s Welcome to the Night Sky so popular.

The band has been able to change their sound with each new record, and The Great Detachment is no exception.

Wintersleep recorded everything together live for The Great Detachment in one room, and it shows throughout the recording.

The songs are fast-paced and infectious. More than a few of the songs on the record could easily have been the album’s debut single.

The album kicks off with “Amerika”, the first single, and one that harkens back to the energy of  “Oblivion” from Welcome to the Night Sky.

The Great Detachment plays out like a live show it starts out fast, but manages to insert a few mellow songs without taking away from the upbeat sound.

The band came back to Halifax’s Sonic Temple, the studio where they recorded Welcome to the Night Sky, in order to record The Great Detachment.

The live recording lends itself to the new songs, which are not afraid of getting the most out of the traditional band setup.

The album sounds huge. The drums, guitar and bass are as loud as they are live, and with Paul Murphy’s voice managing to tower over it all, the album will make for a must-see live show.

The live recording has amplified Wintersleep’s sound, and you can tell that they had fun with this new recording.

Wintersleep not only recaptured the charm of Welcome to the Night Sky, but also exceeded it with The Great Detachment, while managing to sound bigger than ever.

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